Friday, October 3, 2008

Chemo #1 Pictures

One of the funniest nurses, MaryAnn.
The prayer shawl was sent by my mother-in-law. A women's ministry at her Hope Lutheran Church in Fresno knit and say a prayer over the recipient while they are doing it. Isn't that great! It's beautiful and so soft.

Nurse Jill sterilizing the area of the port.
I'm not crying, it was cold!

Hurting a little after the 1" needle went alllllll the way in

Mario and Luigi are running in to stomp on the Goombas (cancer cells)

My view from the chair.

3 hours later we were done! We stopped for a quick bite to eat and a short trip to the health food store to return the yucky tasting lozenges and purchase some of the shakes that Toni recommended.

Today has been one of dozing, slight nausea and sore throat. Vic worked all day from home. Tonight was a pizza! I heard that the steroids do give an appetite. Since tonight's dose was the last, we'll see what happens tomorrow.


  1. It sounds like the first session went better than you expected. I am glad for that. For some reason I can't see all the pics. They come up with a box with that darn little red X in the left corner! LOL
    So have you tried any of the shakes and if so what did you think?


  2. P.S.
    Never mind the no pics a refresh made them magically appear! T

  3. I've had the strawberry one so far and it was pretty tasty. Thanks for sharing the info! I can get them at the Super Supplements for less than $2 a can (I think the brain is already gone).

  4. Glad you liked the strawberry. I'm not much of a strawberry fan unless they are fresh!
    We do not have Super Supplements here so under $2 a can is good. They are about $2.09 a can by the case thru the Vitamin Shoppe, and nearly $3 per can at the GNC down here. Hope you like the rest of the flavors you purchased. Glad I could be of help. FYI, some places don't sell the cans that have 35 g of protein, they sell the ones that are 25g and there is a difference in price there. Just take care and try to keep rested

    Huggles.. t