Sunday, November 30, 2008


There are three things I look forward to when visiting Ocean Shores. . . . Galway Bay Irish Pub, Gorgonzola Cheese Tortette and the ocean. Unfortunately, these three things weren't meant to be this trip. Oh, well. Whatever. (just for you Christy).

Not sure what caused the stomach to flare up, but I wasn't feeling all that well to enjoy a Forfar Bridie at the Pub. I enjoyed the soda bread, though!

What is a Forfar Bridie you ask? Here's from the Pub's menu online:
A Scottish dish invented by a Forfar baker in the 1850’s. Chopped steak, flavored just right with sautéed onions, carrots, potatoes, garlic & herbs, then baked in a puff pastry & then covered with our famous whiskey cream sauce.

It was nice to watch Vic dive into a really good looking Irish Stew and enjoy a dark ale.

We purchased the last Tortette at the Ocean Shores IGA store (the only grocery store in town) and I looked forward to enjoying this scrumptious appetizer before heading to the Pub. This was before the stomach issue too. When I opened the package, I could see mold on the bottom. I believe Vic was trying to convince me that the blue was part of the Gorgonzola, but I just wasn't buying it. The blue in the cheese isn't fuzzy. :-)

I have looked for the Gorgonzola Cheese Tortette locally but have been unable to find it. The company's website indicates that our local stores should carry it, so next time I'm in Albertsons or Safeway, I'll talk with the cheese buyer.

The fog would not lift at all on Saturday. No view of the ocean from our cozy hotel room with a view, but it was great to fall asleep to the sound of the ocean. Yep, it's winter and I kept the window open a bit just to hear the sound. It's so relaxing and restorative to me.

The rooms without a view were special priced at $60. I thought we should argue that the more expensive room with a view should have been discounted as well since there wasn't a view .

I don't recall ever seeing this when we lived in California, but driving on the beach is allowed at Ocean Shores. It's great for those days when it's too cold to be out walking on the beach for any great length of time. You can sit in your car and watch and hear the waves! We were able to spend a little time on the beach today before we left. No fog, but it sure was cold. I may have some pics up later . . . have to see how they came out on Vic's digital.

Vic is now at the AC/DC concert with our 14 year old grandson, Cameron. He doesn't expect to get home until midnight since he is driving Cam back home. . . .about 45 minutes north of where we live, but the concert is about 30 minutes south of us. You do the math.

Grandpa was Cameron's buddy for many years, so it's nice to have these two do something together. Cameron's step-father, Tom, became his buddy when Jen and Tom were dating . . . Grandpa sort of took a second place. Not that this is bad - we were thrilled that the grandkids liked Tom and he is a positive influence in their lives.

It has been 5 months since the diagnosis of Triple Negative Breast Cancer (June 30th). It seems much, much longer than that. Maybe because we were dealing with Vic's cancer, pheochromocytoma, in April?

Vic checks in tomorrow at 7 am for his biopsy on the "thing" in his groin, which means we leave the house at 6 am. Ambien is going to be my friend tonight! Hopefully Vic will recover his lost sleep when he's under the anesthesia.

Please join us in prayer that whatever this thing in Vic's body is not anything serious. We could use a break on this cancer crap.

Peace, over and out!


Friday, November 28, 2008

Ocean Deep

I am amazed, yet scared, at how well I do feel. Am I taking too many supplements and vitamins that it is countering the efficacy of the chemo? Or are the supplements and vitamins helping me to feel so good?

Thursday, December 3rd, will be my last chemo. Yeah! While I am excited to be over with chemo, I do wonder if we've done enough with the chemo drugs to kill any cancer cells floating around. Should I have more? Should I have a different drug? I am scared to not be going for more treatments. Is four really enough? Fear is creeping in, friends, and I'm not liking it.

I also wonder if the chemo is working. How does the oncologist know that it is? The tumor is gone, so they can't "view" it with MRI or ultrasound to know if it is shrinking due to the chemo. As far as I know, no "markers" have been mentioned. Down the road, how will I know if the cancer has come back early enough so it can be treated? This is all so confusing. I hope I have more than a few minutes with the oncologist next week.

Vic's biopsy is on Monday, December 2. He will have conscious sedation so that means that he needs a driver (me). He will go in at 7 am for prep, then the actual biopsy will be about 9 am and will take 1.5 hours. We then wait for the anesthesia to leave his system before he is released.

The "thing" is not 100% solid (tumor) nor is it 100% fluid filled (cyst). . .kind of a combination of both. The vascular is running through it. As Vic says, "No need to worry about it until there is something to worry about"! Ha! He forgets who is he is dealing with - me!

Vic and I are going to the ocean tomorrow for some long overdue R&R. I am hoping that we can just relax and enjoy ourselves without cancer being thought about. Wish we had more than one night at the ocean, but I'll take what I can get!

On Sunday, Vic and our grandson, Cameron (14), are going to an AC/DC. How cool is it to have a grandfather who likes to go to rock concerts? I hope Cameron can appreciate the uniqueness of this.

Thanks for reading and listening to my fears. lol



Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mind Games

Made some yummy steel cut oats the other day, doctoring it up with raisins and cinnamon. Later, went to microwave something and this is what I found.






Chemo brain? Old age? Lost my mind? Either way, it's pretty darn funny!

Looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with my girls, son-in-laws and grandchildren. We will be cooking the bird and I'm so thankful that nausea is not around to prohibit this.

My mother is one of 12 children. With all the aunts, uncles, inlaws and cousins, we used to rent out the hall at our church in Fresno. What great times and memories I have of those times. Wonderful food, fun playing with the cousins in the church (without anyone telling us to behave) and just seeing everyone. I miss those times. I hope that we are giving our grandchildren some wonderful memories.

Hope your Thanksgiving is a blessed one!


Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Am I Said

Oh what a beautiful day! Did you EVER think you would hear those words come out of my mouth or show up on this blog?

We went to breakfast. I worked at the office for a few hours. Then watched the Washington State University Cougars beat the University of Washington Huskies in the Apple Cup. Go Cougs!!!

As you can tell by the previous blog entry, this journey gets old. It's a trip I never asked to go on nor would I wish on my worst enemy. I never would have thought breast cancer for me. Lung cancer, maybe, given that cigarettes were my friends for 25 years. Thankfully, I have been smoke-free for 12 years!

The first chemo was hell and the lowest of lows. This past week has been a different kind of hell, but I still came out alive. Everything in this picture was affected this time by the chemo drugs. The chemo fog has increased and the ability to multi-task is decreasing as well as the ability to find the right words.

I strongly believe in taking Glutamine and other supplements to boost my system and repair the damage done by the chemo drugs. After the first chemo hell, I did a lot of research and brought this "plan" to the Oncologist for her blessing.

What is frustrating is that no one in the medical field offered any education on supplements and vitamins! Why not? When I brought the suggested list and the reasons why I wanted to use the supplements/vitamins to the oncologist, she agreed with my reasoning.

It is possible that I was not taking enough glutamine and thus the gastrointestinal attack. Before the 2nd chemo, I started taking 20-30 grams 3-5 days before and continued until I felt better. I don't believe I did this for the third chemo. Definitely will do it for the 4th! Here's more information about glutamine.

It was so nice to do something normal - going out for breakfast on the weekend. I didn't give a thought if the cooking smells were going to affect me. In fact, I sort of forgot about them! Doesn't mean I was able to taste all of the food, but I ate and the gut didn't revolt.

The restaurant is right across the street from my work. I felt good, the brain was pretty clear, so I worked a few hours on a project. My fellow breast cancer coworker arrived and it was good to see her. She has an 8 hour reconstruction surgery this Monday and it was great to give her a hug and wish her well. We've talked before about which one of us has it worse on the cancer journey and we each feel the other does. :-) I had a lumpectomy, chemo and will do radiation. She had a mastectomy, no chemo or radiation, and now reconstruction.

Cancer is a wake up call to take a look at your life. It's like any other major catastrophic life event, you promise yourself that you'll make changes. How many of us keep those changes - make them a habit?

I guess I'm a little reflective right now as we head into another "unknown" situation with Vic. Almost deja vu. What did I tell myself I would change in my life during Vic's adrenal gland tumor/cancer this summer, but haven't? What can I do to make these changes a habit? Or is this something to keep as a goal once treatment (chemo and radiation) is over?

Whatever the answers are, I need to remember this: I am Renee. I am not Cancer.

Peace and blessings to you!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chemo #3, Day 7

Turnabout is fair play. (American)
Something that you say which means you will do something that someone else has done because this is fair. You cook dinner tonight, I cooked last night. Turnabout is fair play.

I am sick of me. Sick of this cancer, sick of being sick, sick of having a focus on my life that I don't want. I want to look outside of me. And you can help!

Since you are reading this, I want to hear from you. Remember, Santa is coming and he knows who is naughty and nice and who doesn't respond. Turnabout is fair play. Tell me the two top great things in your life. If you want, tell me one thing that isn't so great. Tell me one funny you did this week or month. That's just 3 or 4 things. Come on! You can do it!

You can do this anonysmously, anonysmously but typing your name at the end of your entry, with a Google email account, or just your name.

I look forward to looking out instead of in. . . turnabout is fair play.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chemo #3, Day 6

I learned me a new word today. Okay, two words: Psychomotor Slowing. Pertaining to motor effects of cerebral or psychic activity; movement produced by action of the mind or will. Well, the mind and will wanted to do things today, but the psychomotor was slow.

Here’s another new word: dysgeusia. Taste changes also know as dysgeusia, may occur with mucositis especially if the tongue is involved. Since the taste buds on the different areas of the tongue recognize sweet, sour, and bitter, these may also be heightened or distorted. Some people experience a metallic taste in their mouths when mucositis is present.

Here’s a nifty website for prevention of chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting. Isn’t that a lovely phrase?

Can you tell I’m bored? I feel like I should be thankful for some things, health insurance, a good job, finding the cancer early, yada, yada, yada. Yet, I’m having challenges today finding the thankfulness. Isn’t it strange that when we are busy, and not bored, that our life just flies by? How often did I wish for some free time to get caught up on projects? Here is my “free” time but the brain and body's motor is so slow. Oh, well. This too will pass.

Today, again, has been a challenge to find something that I can eat or drink. I do feel weak because of lack of liquids and nutrition. I’m trying lemon water to help with the mucositis – so far so good; it’s staying down. Here’s what I tried to eat today. Remember I said I was bored? If you are reading this far, I am happy to share the boredom with you. Please, God, let me go to work tomorrow!

Muffin – what was that mystery flavor?

Green Tea x 2 – semi okay, not too nausea-inducing; all other herbal teas – gag!

Burrito – spiciness didn’t work; saved for Vic

Chicken/Cranberry Salad w/Saltines (Vic picked up at Costco). Not bad, not good, but it stayed down (well sort of)

Slim Fast – plug the nose and chug it fast

Peanuts, almonds, cashews – how weird tasting were those peanuts! I’ll never be able to describe it nor wish to experience it again anytime in the future

Soft sharp cheddar on saltines – not too bad, just ate it to get the calories, fat and protein. Would Saltines be the common denominator here? Hmmmm, have to think about that.

Quaker Baked Cheddar Snack Mix – the oatmeal squares were pretty good! Think I need another bag. Pretzels – ick . . slimy. How can pretzels be slimy?

Ravioli with spinach & mozzarella – What was I thinking? Cooked spinach? Barf-o; saved for Vic (guess he has a little bit of food to eat, eh?)

Apple with soft spread cheese – not too bad, but couldn’t eat the whole thing

Ham and potato scallop prepared by Laura and Christy’s loving hands – heating up right now. It sure looks good!

Praying for the strength to get dressed tomorrow to go to work. Even if I just sit there and stare at people, I will be around, well, people. As much as I love my cats, they just don't cut it on these days.

Hugs to you all!

P.S. I just heard from the oncology nurse. My goal is to drink a shot glass of liquid every 30 minutes - to stave off the dehydration. Now, she didn't say exactly WHICH liquid to drink, hee hee hee. But I believe I'll stick with the lemon flavored water.

Another tidbit of advice for all you cancer patients or caregivers out there . . . .make Jello and pour into an ice cube tray. Each "ice cube" is 1 oz. And that's all one has to get down every 30 minutes. No, we aren't talking Jello shots. I think I'll dial it back a bit and concentrate on the liquids.

P.S.S. Vic just got home and said his doctor should have the ultrasound results tomorrow.

I've read this before, but now that I have cancer, it means that much more. Cancer Rant on Gotta love it!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Chemo #3, Day 5

Gastrointestinal issues galore . ..more than you want to know or read about. Let's just say, that I have been in bed, the recliner, couch or bathroom only to repeat. We did go for a walk at noon just to get the stomach to settle down and maybe stimulate the appetite . . . and made it around the short block sort of. I thought I had ran a marathon!

We knew that the chemo can have accumulative affect, but since #2 went so well, we didn't suspect it was going to be like this. The cognitive stuff is amazing to feel and watch from this end of the camera. Is this what Alzheimer's or dementia feels like?

I am having trouble eating and getting anything down - everything tastes terrible. I need some nutrition in order to get well. Even liquids taste yuck. It's been a challenge today, to say the least. Vic did work from home today. Bless his heart he's been trying to give me things to drink/eat without much success.

I guess this is just one of those days that happen in this journey. It could be worse. But it still sucks.

Vic has his ultrasound tomorrow after work. Not sure how long it will take to receive the results. We are praying that it isn't anything!!! Please join us!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chemo #3, Day 4

Except for waking up at 3:30 am - it was more like 2 am - and having a massage, this is pretty much the same as before on Chemo #2, Day4! Just the side effects feel triple in strength. . . . more cognitive delay, inability to think and type without zillions of errors.

Marinol making me feel extremely weird.

That's it for today, I think.


This totally sucks. I am not going to clean upmy typos because it shows how my brain is working. Which is 't well. This totally sucks! I am totally useless, an't think, can't bput two entences togetr to make a complete paragraph in trying to talk to Vic. Vic mau hae t stay home with me tomorrow because it is that bad.

I forget to eat but then nothing I want to eat tastes good. I forget t drink which I have to do beause of one chemo drug will kill my body parts. Okay not really kill, but my bladder I don't want affected.

To go from such a high feeling week of Week# 3 for Chemo 2, this is the botom. Yes, I am thankfl - it could be worse. It culd be the nausea and crap from the first Chemo. But this is't fun either. One more treatment that's all I hadve. But it doesn't feel like I'm going to make it t then.

I am thankful for Laura and Christy cooking so many meals. I hope to be able t taste them soon! Given Vic's "uncomfortableness", we can use some help if you live near by. Please see link in upper right of page. Thanks, gang!

Hope to talk to you coherently soon. Peace

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chemo #3, Day 3

Here's my stockpile of supplements and RX for nausea and stomach. A little bit, eh?

Lunch, Breakfast & Dinner
to the right

Rough morning with aches from the Neulasta shot, stomach still messed up and nausea. Lots of hot and cold situations. Too much clothes on then too little. It's a never ending battle the past few days on how to get the temperature correct. I think it is the steroids doing it.

The finale was the taste buds are going, going, gone again. Wasn't that too fast compared to the other 2 treatments? It's a challenge to find something to eat. No eat and no drink, makes fatigue and a cranky patient.
Laura is my daughter Christy's friend and lives in Pullman (east side of Washington - 5-6 hours away!). She drove over yesterday and cooked up about 30 meals at Christy's house for us. We are so blessed and in awe that this young lady would sacrifice her time to do this! Thank you, thank you Laura and Christy!

Here's a pic of us 3 with Christy's two daughters and Laura's son.

That was a lot of activitiy and company, I'm dead tired, but not tired enough to go to sleep. It sure was good to see the family!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Chemo #3, Day 2

Things are going okay . . .little nausea, stomach messed up still. Received Neulasta shot this afternon and afterwards, we went shopping at Trader Joe's for Thankgiving items. Felt okay, just a little crummy.

Found out that they do not give the Neulasta shot after my last chemo in December. I am NOT going back into a neutropenia! I've asked them to receive a preauthoriziation from the insurance company. Their argument should be how low my white blood counts got without the shot. I don't want to spend Christmas all yucky.

I'm surpried that the Neulasta is working so quickly! My chest bones are hurting already.

Taste buds are fading fast. I think this is a first!

Here's to having a good night's sleep! Vic and I both need it!


4:00 am - Vic's cat starts meowing. He has neuropathy in his back legs due to diabetes and can't jump on the bed. Tho we put a step stool next to it. So he meows to let Vic know - and unfortunately me too - that Vic is late for his morning feeding. Got to get one of those self-feeders with a timer!

Here's my cat . . . .he likes to jump on the bed and snuggle. No meowing for him!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chemo #3, Day 1

Successful chemo treatment – no problems with the port access. We were both very tired since we were up late last night and woke up at 4:30 am. Before treatment begins, they give me two Benadryl and three Zofran – both sleep-inducing drugs. Needless to say, it was hard to keep the eyes open.

Since the taste buds have come back quite a bit, we stopped at Jimmy Mac’s to have my favorite meal – steak with blue cheese. Oh yeah! And their heavenly fresh rolls with honey butter. Yum, yum, yummy! Calorie-laden and high fat meal, but who cares. I don’t eat enough during the first week, so it makes it up in my mind.

As hard as I try to give my fear to God and push away the negative thoughts of recurrence, the fear of it is always lurking in the back of my mind. Women who have had my same cancer and same treatment – lumpectomy plus radiation and chemotherapy - have gone onto metastasis. No one dies because they have cancer in their breast. They die because the cancer either spreads or comes back somewhere else (bones, liver, brain). When it reaches other organs (metastasis), it makes treating the cancer that much more difficult to treat. Some people live a long time with cancer in other organs, but have frequent testing and chemo. I think most, if not all, cancer patients think about this.

My stomach is a mess. Not sure if it still is the steroids or if it is nausea . . or maybe the lunch? I’m still full! The steroids are taken to prevent allergic reactions to the chemo drugs. I don’t think I will have any. If I do. . eh! So, I’m stopping them. Gonna try TB's recommendation (wink).

Vic had a MRI scan before his surgery in August. Results came back with something in his groin area and liver. Surgeon for the adrenal gland cancer said not to worry about it. Vic has recently had some pain in the groin – but didn’t tell me! Didn’t want me to bet worried with all that I have going on. People really need to realize that I can handle bad news . . . it helps me get out of “me world.” Vic spoke with his internist today and he will have an ultrasound to see what is going. Please pray that it isn’t anything!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Twas the Night Before Chemo

Sorry, was thinking about Christmas and trying to plan when I can go shopping for it. Oh, wait, that sounds like a planner to me. Yes, I work in a Planning Department, but I don't plan. Now isn't that just wrong? I used to be a Wedding Planner in Fresno at a couple of great churches. That was a fun time. I enjoyed the creativity and problem solving skills that I developed. I was so confident in life on the outside and to others, and sometimes I could fool myself. Life handed too many lemons at WSU and I bought into it. It only took me 5 years to get past the PTSD by owning my own antique store and being self employed, only to have them start again at the bank. Glad I don't work there anymore. It was blessing to be laid off from a job for the 2nd time in 2.5 years. Can't say it enough, God had his hand in this position with the city. I believe in God, pray to Him even tho I don't go to church. I miss the church community. I miss my dad.

Just some random thoughts before chemo.

It's 11:15 pm. I'm tired, but have had a nasty stomach ache and sweats since taking the morning steroids. It never got better through the workday despite two deadlines. I could have tried to pass one off to a co-worker, but didn't. Stubborn? No, wanted to spare my co-workers the usual extra work that this week brings for them.

After taking the 2nd does of steroids, the stomach is even worse. This is worse than the nausea after the 1st chemo. At least with that, I had anti nausea pills and would go to sleep. I took one of those MJ pills and it killed the ache somewhat. I should have gone to bed when it eased off, but noooooo, I decided to stay on the Net to read other people's blogs and comment.

My Rock is the best. I've noticed that he enters into a "mode" the night before chemo and continues until it appears that my energy level is up and no weird side effects are happening. This mode is his "caretaker" mode. And he does it with no complaints.

I woke up this morning to find he started our chemo chart. He highlighted the steroids that I was to start this morning. He picked up the anti nausea pills tonight from the drug store without being asked. He just did it. I wasn't going to ask him anyway as I was going to pick them up tomorrow on the way to chemo. He cooked dinner - concerned about the odors, searing the Jamaican Jerk chicken outside on the BBQ. He washed dishes and didn't want help. He's the best.

But he is in bed telling me to shut it down. So I will obey him. I do this sometimes. And sometimes I argue. That's another rambling thought so I'll stop before I type whatever comes to the top of the brain.

Yep I did write "strart" when I meant "stop". Okay, I wrote "strat" when I meant to write "start". I don't believe in chemo brain for 2 out of 4 treatments. Not possible. It's the stomach ache.

Many, many blessings and good health to you and your house!


P.S. Have you had your Vitamin D levels checked? Have you scheduled your mammogram?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chemo #3 Coming Up

One of my job duties is taking the minutes for City Council committee meetings. Something which I haven't been able to do since August? September? It feels like forever, but then this cancer journey feels like it has been forever too.

Last night was my first time for taking the minutes and it felt good to do it. . even tho I was a little rusty. Given that I usually come home so exhausted at 5 pm, I was definitely tired last night and this morning since the meeting didn't adjourn until 7:45 pm. But it wasn't a horrible tired.

Today was a good day again and very busy (for me). Even tho I was tired, it was great to meet up with Toni and her friend for lunch (Toni is one of the followers of this blog and a great supporter!). Toni and I have been on-line gin-playing friends since about 2002 or 2003. She flew to Washington from California to visit her childhood friend and it was great to meet her in person. Thanks for lunch and a great fellowship time!

After lunch, I had the pleasure of a blood test to ensure that my counts are where they should be in order to have Chemo #3 on Thursday. I also had my first check of the surgical area and things looked good in that area. I forgot to tell the nurse about the eye pressure after the two treatments. Will have to remember to tell the doctor and oncology nurses on Thursday.

I was able to get in for a massage after the pre-chemo check. . . and life is good.

I wanted to share with you some other blogs I follow. These women also have Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC). Their blogs are on CarePages, which requires you to sign-up in order to read them, but well worth it. Even tho you don't know these ladies, they can certainly use words of support and care - so please leave a note on their blog.

For those prayer warriors, please pray for every TNBC previvor in the world.


Hugs to all! Be back to you after chemo on Thursday.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Chemo 2, Day 16

Life this week has been good. If I didn't look in the mirror and see my shaved head, I'd never know that I had cancer. I feel almost normal! Well, except for the nausea reactions to smells and odors and fatigue. :-)

I've had a few nights of not being able to turn the brain off - thinking about the next chemo. We had a fairly good experience last time so I have no idea why it's coming up at night.

I do notice that now that I am taking 20 mg of Melatonin, I toss and turn for 3 hours. I've seen 1:15 am on the clock more times than I want. One would think that a higher dose (3 mg is normal) would make me sleepy. It did the first two nights.

My hair is still sticking around - I'm not 100% bald. Quite a few strands fall out when I shampoo or run my hands through it. I got tired of this and last Saturday I removed those slow moving hair strands with duct tape. Yep, that's right. Duct tape. I have alot of white hair. In fact, some have grown! Go figure. I'm thinking I should dye it . . .maybe bright pink?

I continue to struggle with what to wear on the head for work. I like hats but they are too hot to wear at work. I feel like an old cancer patient with scarves that are tied behind the head. And I'm a clutz as to doing some fancy work on tying them any other way. I have found a lady who makes pre-tied scarves and bandanas. I wear this one the most. In fact, she made some larger ones for my large head. I highly recommend Mary Ann at CJ Hats!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Chemo 2, Day 13

It is truly amazing how good I do feel. It is truly amazing how quickly that can change.

On Sunday, Vic and I each made a soup to eat and to freeze and both had onions. Vic prepped the onions and put my portion aside. I felt great all day and started my soup about 2 pm. Soup was on and flavors melding at 3 pm, when all of a sudden, nausea rolled in. Okay, didn't roll in . . . .pounced on me. The onions were making me nauseous! And here I had just sauteed them and was feeling fine! Go figure.

I thought I had gained back my taste buds yesterday. Whooo weeeee, let's get some real food, honey! We went out to dinner to Mongolian Grill . . nothing fancy, real forks and close to home. When I got near the onions, guess what happened? Yep, nausea, but not bad. Just breathed through the nose and moved on. However, half way through eating dinner, a cloud of fatigue rolled on me (not pounced) from the top of my head and slowwwwwly down to my toes. It was the weirdest feeling. Luckily that food re-warms well.

I will take these sporadic nausea and fatigue clouds, given where I was after Chemo 1, Day 12.

Lesson learned - Insist on receiving Neulasta after your first chemo. Neulasta is expensive ($4,000-$7,000) but the difference in your recovery from chemo is like night and day! Besides, what does it cost to spend the night or two in the hospital for neutropenia?

Cancer and the treatment sure teaches you to live one day at a time. For those who know me, truly know me, that is not in my natural nature. I am at peace with not being able to plan too far in advance and surprisingly, rolling with the punches.

Blessings to you and yours,


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thank You!

Jen, Christy, Kim, Dawn, Toni, Val, Kathy, S.F., Laura, Sandy, Stephanie, John, Mike, Chuck, Mom, Bill, Mary Ellen and Aunt Peg

I so appreciate your continued words of encouragement, prayers, and support!!!!!

Thank you Sandy for the darling cup and pens!

Thank you Darcie, Tamie, Elizabeth and the anonymous City of Auburn employees who donated their sick leave so I can continue to have a paycheck.

Thank you to Carolyn, Bobbie, Heather, Elizabeth, Darcie, Kirsten and the other Planning & Building Department staff for stepping in to cover my job duties.
Did I forget or miss your name?
Please email me . .. chemo brain is really true!