Sunday, November 30, 2008


There are three things I look forward to when visiting Ocean Shores. . . . Galway Bay Irish Pub, Gorgonzola Cheese Tortette and the ocean. Unfortunately, these three things weren't meant to be this trip. Oh, well. Whatever. (just for you Christy).

Not sure what caused the stomach to flare up, but I wasn't feeling all that well to enjoy a Forfar Bridie at the Pub. I enjoyed the soda bread, though!

What is a Forfar Bridie you ask? Here's from the Pub's menu online:
A Scottish dish invented by a Forfar baker in the 1850’s. Chopped steak, flavored just right with sautéed onions, carrots, potatoes, garlic & herbs, then baked in a puff pastry & then covered with our famous whiskey cream sauce.

It was nice to watch Vic dive into a really good looking Irish Stew and enjoy a dark ale.

We purchased the last Tortette at the Ocean Shores IGA store (the only grocery store in town) and I looked forward to enjoying this scrumptious appetizer before heading to the Pub. This was before the stomach issue too. When I opened the package, I could see mold on the bottom. I believe Vic was trying to convince me that the blue was part of the Gorgonzola, but I just wasn't buying it. The blue in the cheese isn't fuzzy. :-)

I have looked for the Gorgonzola Cheese Tortette locally but have been unable to find it. The company's website indicates that our local stores should carry it, so next time I'm in Albertsons or Safeway, I'll talk with the cheese buyer.

The fog would not lift at all on Saturday. No view of the ocean from our cozy hotel room with a view, but it was great to fall asleep to the sound of the ocean. Yep, it's winter and I kept the window open a bit just to hear the sound. It's so relaxing and restorative to me.

The rooms without a view were special priced at $60. I thought we should argue that the more expensive room with a view should have been discounted as well since there wasn't a view .

I don't recall ever seeing this when we lived in California, but driving on the beach is allowed at Ocean Shores. It's great for those days when it's too cold to be out walking on the beach for any great length of time. You can sit in your car and watch and hear the waves! We were able to spend a little time on the beach today before we left. No fog, but it sure was cold. I may have some pics up later . . . have to see how they came out on Vic's digital.

Vic is now at the AC/DC concert with our 14 year old grandson, Cameron. He doesn't expect to get home until midnight since he is driving Cam back home. . . .about 45 minutes north of where we live, but the concert is about 30 minutes south of us. You do the math.

Grandpa was Cameron's buddy for many years, so it's nice to have these two do something together. Cameron's step-father, Tom, became his buddy when Jen and Tom were dating . . . Grandpa sort of took a second place. Not that this is bad - we were thrilled that the grandkids liked Tom and he is a positive influence in their lives.

It has been 5 months since the diagnosis of Triple Negative Breast Cancer (June 30th). It seems much, much longer than that. Maybe because we were dealing with Vic's cancer, pheochromocytoma, in April?

Vic checks in tomorrow at 7 am for his biopsy on the "thing" in his groin, which means we leave the house at 6 am. Ambien is going to be my friend tonight! Hopefully Vic will recover his lost sleep when he's under the anesthesia.

Please join us in prayer that whatever this thing in Vic's body is not anything serious. We could use a break on this cancer crap.

Peace, over and out!



  1. Renee,

    The trip to the ocean sounded relaxing for you even if you couldn't see anything from your "room with a view".

    It is very foggy here in the Central Valley today so I don't suppose my visibilty will be much better on my way to a part-time job.

    As always you and Vic are always in my prayers. I hope your 4th and final chemo treatment on Wednesday goes smoothly for you with minimal side effects.

    I hope your Thanksgiving was as good as mune was. We had a smaii get together, just 5 of us but all family. My Dad, Stepmom Ruth, Stephanie, Anthony and myself. Sam went to Utah to spend it with his brother and cousins. He will be here for our Christmas Eve dinner.

    I remember going to a Bon Jovi concert on New Years Eve when my daughter was pregnant. We had a great time. I am glad to hear that Cameron has his Grandpa to do things with, it is so important to have that bond.

    Take care my friend.

    Hugssss Toni

  2. I'm so glad you were able to get away with Vic! Too bad for no view, and no appetite, but at least you had a nice get away.

    Really praying for Vic this morning and for you, as he goes through this surgery for the biopsy. I will pray that all gees well and that lump is nothing to worry about.

    Love you!

  3. Whoops! I meant to say, "hope all GOES well."

  4. Thanks for your good wishes Renee. Reading your accounts of chemo has been very helpful. I will try to stay hydrated.
    I also hope all goes well for Vic's biopsy and that they find 'nothing'. If you guys don't have enough on your plate....
    So you are almost done with chemo. Yay!