Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Waiting Game (again)

Vic's procedure went well yesterday, no problems with the actual biopsy procedure. Now we wait for the results.

It was a long day, in fact, Vic asked to leave early. He had enough. Doctors wanted him to have 4 hours bedrest after the procedure. Why? I'm not sure. But after Vic woke up from his Percocet induced nap, he said enough, buzzed for the nurse and got dressed.

What a sweet nurse, too! She asked me if I had breast cancer. Then she asked what kind, "The 2nd most aggressive". "Oh, not Inflammatory Breast Cancer"? No, thank God and it was found at Stage 1.

Nurse Challie went on to say that her girlfriend had IBC, but her doctor told her it wast nothing. A year later, the skin was still thick and tender, so the friend went back to the doctor. It was at Stage IV - a stage none of us want - and she died a short while later. Ladies! Listen to your bodies. Insist that your doctor do a test or procedure. If s/he won't, go to a second doctor. This isn't a time to be afraid of hurting your doctor's feelings by going to another doctor!

Nurse Challie looked at me square in the eyes and said, "Stage 1?! Oh, your time on earth is not finished. . .there are more great things for you to do. Why do people that are so sweet and those that would be great friends get cancer?" It was just the thing I needed to hear.

We talked about radiation a bit and my concern that it really isn't necessary - will do more harm in the long run. This was all while she is removing Vic's IV and checking his body parts. "What's one more month of a short doctor visit to ensure that a rogue cancer cell isn't still there to cause havoc? You've been through the worse - surgery and chemo."

Whew! That's all I can say . . . God putting a voice of reason in front of me?

We should know by Wednesday the results of Vic's biopsy.

Best of luck to my cyber cancer sisters, Sue, during her first chemo today and Sharon on her next chemo on Thursday! Many prayers and thoughts are being sent your way.


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  1. You know what, Renee? You jump through every hoop they ask you to and then move on from there. You don't want to wonder what would happen if you didn't do radiation. Nurse Challie is absolutely right.

    You've come so far, what's one more trial and tribulation ;)

    Hugs to you sweetheart and prayers for Vic. Got chemo Thursday and I'm cleared to go with happy platelets again :)