Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chemo #4, Day 1 FINAL

Chemo went well today. Christy came and sat with me and Vic watched Courtney.

The nurses and Onc put on funny hats and two of them were dressed as nuns to sing me a graduation song. It was an original song - something about a specific side effct - diarrhea. It was pretty funny.

We went to Lowe's and Costco afterwards. Now I'm crashing . . . never had this immense need to sleep.

More tomorrow (hopefully) with pics.

Thank you all for your support and prayers!



  1. Congrats - thinking of you and sending good thoughts. K

  2. Congrats Renee on your last treatment. Hoping you have fewer side effects with this last round.
    Hugs and prayers!


  3. So glad it's over for you Renee. I'll be praying for your recovery from this chemo and that the Lord would completely keep this cancer away, and you start feeling wonderful!!

    Love you!
    Cuz Kim

  4. You DID IT, YOU DID IT! Oh Yea Yea Yea!! -From Finding Nemo :)

    So happy for you.

    Now recover gently, be good and take your meds and you'll be rolling on the road to recovery in no time. In fact, you already are!

    Please keep us posted. I want to know all about how you feel, when you start feeling really perky, and when your hair starts to come back. Good stuff from here on out, doll!

    So proud and happy for you!