Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Missing You

I miss you all. 

I miss reading and finding out about your lives . . . how you are making it through your treatments and life after treatments. 

I miss thinking about you during the day and saying a prayer as you pop into my mind.

I shall return to blogging soon.  So much is happening with me on the inside - good stuff.  A new way, a better way, of looking at life.  Of setting boundaries.  Of standing up for myself.  Learning to not judge - myself or others.  Learning to not be a victim or listen to others talk in victim-mode.

Don Miguel Ruiz . . . . starting to read his book "The Four Agreements".

Listening on the iPhone to Gary Van Warmerdam while taking a mid-day walk. 

28 pounds gone.  Yippee!!  15 more for my first goal.  Two sizes smaller.