Sunday, December 28, 2008

Radiation Update

Short note. . .

Met with the Radiation Oncologist last Friday (Vic's birthday). Nothing extraordinary. However, my anxiety was high as I wasn't sure if it was the simulation or planning session.

For the planning session, I was told that I would have to lie on my back, for about an hour, with my hands holding onto a bar above my head - and not move. I'm such a ninny, but being told I have to hold still for a great length of time causes me alot of anxiety. . . the feeling I get with claustrophobia.

I will go for this lovely planning session this Wednesday at 10 am. Going to go slightly medicated. Not sure if Vic is going with me, but I figured I could take the meds on the way to the session and be "calm" by the time it starts. I won't take too much that will prevent me from driving back to work afterwards. We'll have to think about this some more.

I will be going for radiation Monday through Friday. They won't know if I qualify for the 3-week "Canadian study" until the planning is completed. Otherwise, it's 6-7 weeks, Monday-Friday. Oh my!

It feels like this journey will never be over. Next week I go see the oncology nurses to have my port flushed. I will see them once a month for this until the port comes out (another anxiety causing concern - it will be done in the doctor's office).

I know I just need to keep plugging along and doing all I can do to beat this #&%^$ cancer!

More later . . . .

Hugs to all!


  1. I hope both of us qualify for the Canadian study. Apparently in Canada and the UK, radiation equipment is in short supply so cancer patients there don't get the 6 week treatment. Certainly they should be able to tell the difference in outcomes by now (but so many other factors are not the same too). I've yet to get any hard statistics on what radiation will do for me (or anybody). It wasn't even a factor in the widely used outcome predictor program. But you've been fighting hard and the worst is behind you, I wish you strength for the planning session. The treatments should be much shorter.
    Your cancer sister

  2. Telling someone that they'll have to be perfectly still for an hour is like telling someone not to think of a pink elephant. You're making progress...

  3. You need to give me the scoop after you do your session. I'm doomed - I know it! I fidget SO much that I'm never still. My Doc is going to be no end to frustrated with me :) I KNOW my nose will start itching!

    Maybe I should ask him for an Ativan? I sleep like a baby during chemo with those.

    I'll let you know about the port removal. That puppy is coming out a soon as I'm done feeling like crap after final chemo on Jan 20. My surgeon can supposedly take that thing out in the office despite the tube running up into my neck. Yea sure, I'm not believing it won't hurt like the dickens. I'll be swackoed on 2 oxycodone and Bill can just roll me into the office :)

    Hugs and New Years wishes to you and yours, Renee!

  4. I am so sorry, it sounds so scary to start something new. Yeah, I wouldn't be able to stay still that long, man, not fair, the expectations they have.
    Well am praying, continue to do so and love you much, Dawn

  5. Having to hold still for that long was difficult but I managed to do it, I know you will too :) And going every day for 6 weeks is kind of a drag, but it really does go by fast. I was also having to get my port flushed and then I finally just got it removed, also in the Drs office, it did weird me out but it was over with quickly. Good luck as you starts rads!

  6. Wow Renee! I totally forgot you have to go through radiation. I thought you were all finished with everything. Well, you were, at least with the chemo, but I had forgotten they want you to do radiation as well.

    That IS a long time to stay still!! I am so going to be praying for you, and am now as I know you're at your planning appt.

    You know you're in my thoughts and prayers! I won't stop!

    Love you!

  7. Thank you ladies for your words of encouragement and support!

    I'm glad to say that the first part of the radiation simulation wasn't that bad. Took drugs for nothing! lol Oh well.