Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Like a Sad Song

Seattle is still hanging on!

Vic and I visited him tonight at the vet hospital. He looked very depressed in his cage, hooked up to an IV. Vic took him out and Seattle enjoyed being petted and rubbed. He even purred!!! Last night, Vic said Seattle wouldn't/couldn't make a peep . . and he (not Vic) is a very loud and long-lasting purrer.

We spent about an hour petting and combing him as he loves this. We were waiting for Seattle to bite Vic, as is his usual play time with Vic, but no bites. The Vet spent quite a bit of time updating us on what improvements Seattle had made - no vomiting or diarrhea - and what he had to do next before being released - eat something. We mentioned that Seattle likes Friskies, which our other cat eats. Friskies is forbidden on Seattle's diabetic diet. Vet said that's "candy" and if Seattle would eat it, he could have. So off I go to the store, leaving Vic with Seattle.

No dice. He wouldn't eat it. Could it have been that I bought the wrong type of Friskies? Who knew that Friskies makes regular, grilled, flaked, chunky, sliced varieties? Not me! We tried three other types of cat food that the Vet had. Still no dice. One was an appetite stimulating food. Cats know when they shouldn't eat we were told.

I will be taking the "right" Friskies to the Vet's on my way to work tomorrow.

Seattle is on Compazine, which is one of the drugs I first had for nausea (and which caused me to have high anxiety and the willies). It was really weird to be able to relate with the Vet about Compazine, discuss other anti-nausea meds, appetite stimulation drugs and the need to get calories up even if it means eating candy/dessert. Look what I've learned from having cancer . . . $60,000 later! Makes me wonder how much this whole breast cancer crap will cost before I get to the goal - NED (No Evidence of Disease)?!

I haven't gone out into the crowds shopping for Christmas or Vic's birthday (Dec 26th) or Vic's Christmas present(s). Daughter Christy picked up two games for me on Black Friday to give to her daughters, which was much appreciated. Last Saturday my energy was up to watch Christy's church play - which she was in - and a quick run into a non-mall store to buy three presents. Vic is out now picking up a few remaining gifts.

I am feeling a bit guilty (and sad) that Vic continues to have to pick up the slack. This &$#! cancer has taken so much from both of our lives. Right now it's taking my energy. I barely have enough energy to survive at work 8 am to 5 pm and perform almost to my best.

Most Christmas' finds me running out on my lunch hour to do some quick, but specific shopping. I love doing my holiday shopping this way. Now I have to be concerned about saving that lunch hour energy to finish out the day. This sucks!

I am really hoping that my energy reservoir is full this Saturday or Sunday so I can at least get Vic a birthday gift. He always gets robbed on celebrating his birthday anyway - cancer shouldn't rob him of at least a present!



  1. Poor Seattle, I do hope he recovers soon. It sounds like he is on the right track. Ohhhh, what I wouldn't do to be held and "petted" right now. That just sounds soooooo good! That is one of the things I love about my Sam. When he is here if we are just sitting on the sofa watching TV, he will always have his arm around me and his hand will run up and down across my arm or he will run his hand up and down my back, kinda like being petted! It is so comforting and relaxing.

    I think the best gift you can give each other is the gift of your lives together. To hell with the cancer, you are victorious so far and there is no reason to believe that you won't be in the future. Enjoy the gift of each other. Money can't buy anything better then that!

    I am sure you will start feeling better soon. "This too shall pass"

    On another note, just an update on Knotty, she had to go back into surgery yesterday for a masectomy (left only). They had found cancer in 15 of the 21 nodes they removed earlier. Please keep her in your prayers.

    Have a great weekend!

    Much Love GF... Toni

  2. Dear Renee - I'm so sorry to hear that Seattle isn't feeling well, I know how important kitties are and how they make your life better, I hope he feels better and gets to go home soon.

    I'm know Vic understands about the gift for his birthday after all the both of you have been through. But remember, Vic has the best birthday gift he could possible have ... YOU!

    Love you!