Monday, November 17, 2008

Chemo #3, Day 5

Gastrointestinal issues galore . ..more than you want to know or read about. Let's just say, that I have been in bed, the recliner, couch or bathroom only to repeat. We did go for a walk at noon just to get the stomach to settle down and maybe stimulate the appetite . . . and made it around the short block sort of. I thought I had ran a marathon!

We knew that the chemo can have accumulative affect, but since #2 went so well, we didn't suspect it was going to be like this. The cognitive stuff is amazing to feel and watch from this end of the camera. Is this what Alzheimer's or dementia feels like?

I am having trouble eating and getting anything down - everything tastes terrible. I need some nutrition in order to get well. Even liquids taste yuck. It's been a challenge today, to say the least. Vic did work from home today. Bless his heart he's been trying to give me things to drink/eat without much success.

I guess this is just one of those days that happen in this journey. It could be worse. But it still sucks.

Vic has his ultrasound tomorrow after work. Not sure how long it will take to receive the results. We are praying that it isn't anything!!! Please join us!


  1. Chemo nausea etc. sucks. But I can't not point out that you said, "...#2 went so well..." I'm sorry your sucky day and post made me laugh. Take care and eat/drink whatever you can,

  2. What a shame you're going through all this Renee'! I was hoping it was better than the last, or at least as well as the last Chemo treatment. I'll continue praying for you to feel better each day.

    I'm not sure I know why Vic is having an ultrasound tomorrow. Is there something you're concerned about? Let me know what this is for.

    And Vic had cancer too, right? I know he had surgery, and I'm not sure what kind of cancer. I don't remember you saying he had any chemo or radiation, right? Well, will sure be praying for Vic also.

    You're in my thoughts and prayers for sure!


  3. Vic had a cancerous tumor on his adrenal gland. The tumor and gland were removed; the cancer was benign. So he didn't need radiation or chemo. Thank goodness!

    His MRI, tho, showed something on his liver and in his groin area. The surgeon suggested not worrying about these other two areas as MRIs and PETs show things that aren't serious. The groin thing has been causing Vic some "discomfort", as he calls it. So thus the ultrasound today.

    One other thing he had, that I totally forgot about during the initial cancer scare -- he had some spots in his mouth. The dentist wanted him to have them removed by an oral surgeon to confirm they aren't cancer. Thought was they might be "silver tattoos" from old dental procedures.

    We are going to get this cancer thing knocked out of our house!

  4. Thanks Renee for explaining about Vic. I'm sorry he's had to go through all this too! We'll pray everything will turn out good today and nothing serious.

    I think you two need to move. Maybe there is a "cancer ghost" in your house. Move to a new house and get away from all this!! Quick!! =0)

    Love you!