Friday, November 28, 2008

Ocean Deep

I am amazed, yet scared, at how well I do feel. Am I taking too many supplements and vitamins that it is countering the efficacy of the chemo? Or are the supplements and vitamins helping me to feel so good?

Thursday, December 3rd, will be my last chemo. Yeah! While I am excited to be over with chemo, I do wonder if we've done enough with the chemo drugs to kill any cancer cells floating around. Should I have more? Should I have a different drug? I am scared to not be going for more treatments. Is four really enough? Fear is creeping in, friends, and I'm not liking it.

I also wonder if the chemo is working. How does the oncologist know that it is? The tumor is gone, so they can't "view" it with MRI or ultrasound to know if it is shrinking due to the chemo. As far as I know, no "markers" have been mentioned. Down the road, how will I know if the cancer has come back early enough so it can be treated? This is all so confusing. I hope I have more than a few minutes with the oncologist next week.

Vic's biopsy is on Monday, December 2. He will have conscious sedation so that means that he needs a driver (me). He will go in at 7 am for prep, then the actual biopsy will be about 9 am and will take 1.5 hours. We then wait for the anesthesia to leave his system before he is released.

The "thing" is not 100% solid (tumor) nor is it 100% fluid filled (cyst). . .kind of a combination of both. The vascular is running through it. As Vic says, "No need to worry about it until there is something to worry about"! Ha! He forgets who is he is dealing with - me!

Vic and I are going to the ocean tomorrow for some long overdue R&R. I am hoping that we can just relax and enjoy ourselves without cancer being thought about. Wish we had more than one night at the ocean, but I'll take what I can get!

On Sunday, Vic and our grandson, Cameron (14), are going to an AC/DC. How cool is it to have a grandfather who likes to go to rock concerts? I hope Cameron can appreciate the uniqueness of this.

Thanks for reading and listening to my fears. lol



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  1. Thanks for letting us know about Vic, was wondering.
    Who is that singing this song? Could look it up, but probably others wondering too.
    I can understand your concerns and fears. I'm sure I'd be same way. But just thank the Lord that you're feeling good right now. And the herbs and vitamins just help, they help you through these things, read up about them. It's easy to pray to God, when we're in fear, but we need to also pray and thank Him when we're feeling good physically, etc. Don't question as to why you might, just be glad you are. And try to trust Him through it all okay?
    But spend time with Him, singing praises to Him for all He has, can and will do for you!
    Love you Renee, Dawn