Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Chemo 2, Day 13

It is truly amazing how good I do feel. It is truly amazing how quickly that can change.

On Sunday, Vic and I each made a soup to eat and to freeze and both had onions. Vic prepped the onions and put my portion aside. I felt great all day and started my soup about 2 pm. Soup was on and flavors melding at 3 pm, when all of a sudden, nausea rolled in. Okay, didn't roll in . . . .pounced on me. The onions were making me nauseous! And here I had just sauteed them and was feeling fine! Go figure.

I thought I had gained back my taste buds yesterday. Whooo weeeee, let's get some real food, honey! We went out to dinner to Mongolian Grill . . nothing fancy, real forks and close to home. When I got near the onions, guess what happened? Yep, nausea, but not bad. Just breathed through the nose and moved on. However, half way through eating dinner, a cloud of fatigue rolled on me (not pounced) from the top of my head and slowwwwwly down to my toes. It was the weirdest feeling. Luckily that food re-warms well.

I will take these sporadic nausea and fatigue clouds, given where I was after Chemo 1, Day 12.

Lesson learned - Insist on receiving Neulasta after your first chemo. Neulasta is expensive ($4,000-$7,000) but the difference in your recovery from chemo is like night and day! Besides, what does it cost to spend the night or two in the hospital for neutropenia?

Cancer and the treatment sure teaches you to live one day at a time. For those who know me, truly know me, that is not in my natural nature. I am at peace with not being able to plan too far in advance and surprisingly, rolling with the punches.

Blessings to you and yours,



  1. I'm glad to hear that you are doing okay. I know that I asked Christy, but I wanted to ask you too, I was hoping to bring Zach with me so that we could play with the girls, are you okay with that?

    Well, your blog reminds me not to include onions into your meals then.... or atleast so you can smell them. I've got some meals that I'd like to propose to you soon, several of items I can bring over and use already or get a start on at my house because I need to do more cooking for my personal freezer.

    Please let me know if you need anything while I am over there. Even if it means Christy and I (sorry sis, I'm volunteering us!) need to do any cleaning after our grocery shopping, or before. I'm over there to help you out!

    Love ya!

  2. Glad you're on the upswing Renee. I'm doing okay here too. But I do crash and then, I have the best naps imaginable.

    How many sessions are you getting? We hit #3 next week. Yay for us!!

  3. "One day at a time" simultaneously fills me with joy and gives me anxiety...you're doing so good. Take it easy.