Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chemo 2, Day 4

Woke up at 3:30 am with bone pain from Neulasta. Decided to stay up and start the liquids. I'm not drinking enough - if I don't, the side effects may come.

Still fatigued, moving slowly like an 95 year old woman with arthritis in all her joints/bones. But no nausea! Cognitive skills stink . . . .having challenges putting words together. Put the recycles into the towel bin. Luckily Vic found it this morning before adding towels.

Going back to bed (7:30 am) and going for a massage at 12 noon! Can't wait!

Got a massage and it felt heavenly. I got to sit out in the sunshine for a few minutes. The white balding head needs some color.

Don't think I'll make it to work tomorrow. Moving to sluggish and mind just isnt here. Nausea starting a little to smells. Oh, boy! And Vic is cooking tonight.


  1. Christy will call you later with the details, but we've worked everything out. I asked Christy to get a list of menu items from you in regards to what you will like and Vic and I'll get a month or more (I usually do a month in my freezer for our family at a time if not more) in your freezer for you and labeled.

  2. Thank you, Laura! See you on Nov 15th!

  3. Yuckity, duckity about the taste buds, bone pain, cognitive skill problem, nausea, etc.
    Eeh! I do feel for you! Do hope the massage and sunshine helped. Am glad your friend is going to come help with Christy! That should be nice.
    Well am continuing praying and do love you so much. Take care though as much as is possible. Till later, your cuz, Dawn

  4. Mom,

    When you feel up to it, let me know of some meals that you think you might want. We will take care of it for you. Courtney had a funny to tell you but she forgot it right when I was going to type it to you. When she remembers I will send it your way. LOVE YOU!!

  5. Renee,

    I'm sure praying you don't get that nausea bad like you did last time! We'll keep praying for that!

    How wonderful to have your daughter and a good friend coming a ways to come help with the cooking! What an answer to prayer! God's "angels" there to help you!

    And your husband sounds so selfless and loving, to help you in the way he does. You are so fortunate to have him. We also continue to pray for his complete healing from his surgery.

    Love you Renee!!