Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Almost Chemo #2

Tomorrow is Day 21 and chemo #2 is on Thursday, October 23 at 11 am. IF, my blood counts are up to normal. Which I think they are because I am feeling pretty good.

I've found that if I take 30 minutes of my lunch to have a rest/nap, I can make it through the entire afternoon without yawning every 2 minutes. Today I didn't get the rest and I started yawning precisely at 3 pm. Too funny.

Please pray for no nausea after Chemo #2. While I'm not scared or concerned about the actual chemo treatment (and the needle), my anxiety is elevated for the "afterwards". It was so bad after the first chemo, I can't go through that again. Trying to keep positive and believe for the best ever chemo session!

I will receive a booster shot on Friday. This should help with the 15 out of 18 side effects of neutropenia that I had. I am believing that with this shot, week #2 will be a breeze.

For those who have breast cancer and have stumbled across my blog - please know that what happened to me after Chemo #1 isn't what everyone experiences. Some have their chemo on Fridays and go back to work on Mondays. They may be a little tired, but do not have the 32 side effects or neutropenic fever that I had. Everyone is unique (and some of us are tooooo unique!).


  1. Renee..

    Though I can't be with you to help you through this, know that I am with you in spirit. You are always in my prayers. Hopefully, I will see you when I am up there on Nov. 7th or there abouts.

    Hugs... Toni

  2. Ok, that worked, so I'll try again. Yes, I hope your second time around is better than the first and that the booster shot helps.
    I love you, will be thinking of you, and you will be in my prayers!

    Love, Dawn

  3. Best wishes, best wishes, best wishes...

  4. Renee,

    I'm praying for you sooo much!! You're on my mind constantly. How long would it take me to drive up there? I would love to drive there and help you and just be there for you.

    Wish I didn't have to worry about breaking down on the road with our car of many miles. But if I could manage it, I would.

    I'd love to see you again! Just know I will pray you through this next chemo treatment and the recovery afterwards.

    Love you much!
    Cousin Kim

  5. Dear Renee - I thought I left a comment for you last night, but I don't see it here so here it goes again. You are in our thoughts and prayers, we are so proud of how brave you are being.

    Love Sandy, Chuck and Ashley

  6. Thank you all!!!

    We are off to the see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Chemo.

  7. Renee, I hope your chemo went well today. I got another round of TAC today. About 6 hours in the fusion ward since I can only get one drug at a time.

    I'm flushing already from the steroids but I haven't got the headache yet. I'm so tired, it's just taking everything I have to get Stef through her studies and shower. I did manage to get Jackie into an extra day of preschool this week - peace and quiet tomorrow :)

    Keep your head up sugar. I'm here for you, holding your hand as we walk though this nightmare together.

    Hugs to you,