Friday, October 24, 2008

Chemo 2, Day 2

Quiet day at home, feeling okay. Little heartburn but nothing that got me down. If I feel this good next time, I may be able to go to work the day after.

Except, extreme fatigue hit about 4:30 pm. I mean extreme. Couldn't keep my eyes opened, zero strength to lift the computer to my lap to tell you all what is going on. Despite this, I feel good.

Got my Nuelasta shot this afternoon, then took a quick run through Costco looking for some specifics . . . out within 10 minutes. Did that contribute to the fatigue? Vic ran into the grocery store to pick up some things and I fell asleep outside in the car.

Hoping that this fatigue lifts some as I would love a massage this weekend. Wonder if my therapist is still doing them? It's been sooooooo long.

I have news about the WBC (white blood count) from the neturopenia, but my mind can't function right now to tell you. I'll get the info out later.

Love you all and thank you for your support and prayers!!!


  1. Dear Renee - I hope you continue to have a better response this time. We love you.


  2. Renee,

    It sounds like things are going better for you this time. I pray that they continue to do so...

    Luv ya GF... Toni

  3. Renee, Ditto what the other two said. Plus hope the fatigue does lift, it's no fun!

    Love ya, Dawn

  4. Renee, I'm answering your answer on my blog so you see this :)

    I loved putting a heating pad at the top of my back and just stretching out on about 5 pillows. Give that a try if it gets too uncomfortable. Have they given you some pain meds to help with the discomfort?

    I'm ok here, Renee. Not great but thank the Good Lord I haven't had the debilitating headaches that I did last time. I don't feel well but I'm functioning.

    Cheers sweetie!! Fingers crossed from the East Coast for you to do well. Isn't it just bizarre that our chemo sessions and Neulasta shots are all happening on the exact same days :)

  5. Going to do the heating pad - my chest bones are hurting today. Feel free to email me, Sharon, if you'd like.