Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chemo 1, Day 11

What a day it has been! 99.9 to 100.8 degrees. I made a deal with Vic that if it hit 101, then I would go to the ER.

The on-call Oncologist (a Resident?) stated that my blood counts are definitely down - that's a given - standard protocol is to admit to the hospital. If you are reading this and really know me, you then know that I generally question "standard protocol". Not that I think I know everything, but tell me why it's standard. He wasn't able to give a real reason why admit is standard, other than I would receive IV fluids and IV antibiotics and could be in the hospital up to 5 days. True, the IV antibiotics probably would work faster than oral antibiotics.

Because he felt this could all be handled out-patient with a 2nd antibiotic, I concurrred. Tomorrow I do have blood work to check my NADIR and I expect to receive a lecture from the oncology nurses. We'll see what the blood counts show. I guess I just didn't want to be admitted unless it was my Oncologist who said "Go!".

I called my boss and told her what was going on. I mentioned that I was going to get a gun if another side effect or issue came up. Her reply, "No, you don't get off that easy". lol

Thank you all for your support with the hair issue. I feel a little bit better about it and will continue to work on the "I am not my hair". I did the main wig again today and only after 30 minutes, I had a headache. Popped it off and I had a red line across my head. It's just too tight. If it was summer, I am about 95% confident that I would just go bare naked.

Despite the fever, I wanted out of the house for food and to test-drive a scarf/hat. Instead of trying to blend into the woodwork, I looked at everyone who looked at me. I felt that there might have been 2 people who did a longer stare than is usual. And I was okay with that. Remember my motto, "Oh well". Yeah, that's it.

As much as I have tried to be prepared for this journey, it just seems that what I have done isn't working. I thought I had the wig thing all worked out. Ha!

The best-laid plans of mice and men
Go oft awry

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