Saturday, October 4, 2008

Chemo 1, Day 2

This morning started off well. Got to have some snuggle time with Vic. Seems so long since we've had that given the ta-tas and his stomach hurting. I sure miss it!

Got out of bed to start picking up the clutter from last night and, then, wham! I am down for the count. Nausea and so much fatigue. Not tired, but fatigue. It felt like I could barely put a foot in front to get to the couch. My vision is blurry as well, so it's hard to see tv, read or be on the computer. A little scary.

I've been trying to create a cheat sheet from all the computer print outs, handouts from the doctors and magazines so it's all in one place. To show when to call the doctor and when to do something for the symptom. It's too hard :-)

Thank you Mike & Steph for the balloon bouquet! It sure brightened my day and will for quite a few. They are in the living room where I hang out.

I heard about creating a "woman cave" with a bed, recliner and soft music just for those quiet times needed during the chemo. I was going to make one before I started chemo, but Vic didn't feel that well to move furniture, so I didn't ask. That would have been a lovely place to go to today when the above fatigue and nausea hit. The sound of the dryer was amplified a zillion percent, or at least it felt that way. I was able to put on the iPod with guided imagary relaxtion to tune out the noise and gentle my system with breathing and relaxing.

Did you know that iTunes has more than music? I found some great relaxation tunes (water, rain, forest) and some guided imagery where someone is talking you through to a quiet place. Well worth the $.99!! One is Stress Relief with Dr. Siddharth Ashvin Shah, Five Minute Resuce by Splendor of Meditation (awesome for a little rest at work!)

Guess I should close as I just saw a bright light. It was Vic taking a picture of me sleeping with my fingers on the keyboard.


  1. That is the cutest photo. It reminds me of the pictures you see of kids asleep in their high chairs. You are very brave. We hope the worst is over and promise to keep praying for you and Vic and the girls, all of you.

    Love, Mike & Steph

  2. Try setting your clock 1 1/2 hours before you usually get up. Have a bottle of water handy by your night table. When the alarm goes off, pop your anti-nausea meds and go back to sleep. When you do get up, you'll feel much better (relatively speaking of course). This worked wonders for Linda.

  3. Thanks John for the very helpful hint! We will definitely try this tomorrow.

    Love you Stephanie!