Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pass the Word

Note from Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation. I received one of the It's A Wrap headcoverings and have included the pics below.

My name is Laurie Erickson and I am the CEO of a fashion accessory company located in Washington State. A few years ago I launched a program called Good Wishes scarves - a program where my company makes one, free of charge, silk scarf or headwrap for women experiencing hair loss. This program was borne as a result of an email I received from a loyal customer, Hillary, who bought hair accessories from my company. She wrote to our customer care address and asked if we had any products for women who are losing or have lost their hair. I replied no at the time, but offered to make her a scarf at no charge, in a color of her choosing. When her scarf was completed, we had a staff meeting and had a moment for this terrific woman, silently sending her Good Wishes.

After receiving her scarf, we communicated from time to time and I told Hillary that should she meet anyone along her journey, who might enjoy a Good Wishes scarf to please let me know and I would happily have our factory make one for her - she told me that her Good Wishes scarf had brought her comfort during her chemo sessions. At a subsequent Chemotherapy session, Hillary met a woman who learned of our flegling program and requested a scarf - we were so happy to know that our desire to give was becoming a reality.

I have really struggled to connect, to give, to share our scarves with women. It seems so odd to have the ability to give and KNOW the need is out there, but struggle to find the bridge to get that done. Fortunately, I spoke with Malaak Compton Rock earlier this week and she told me about TNBC - I was so happy when we spoke and I said "you're my Bridge!" - she was as always just lovely and helpful and I am absolutely optimistic. My head has been spinning with ideas and so I write to you here to help me spread the word. Its very simple. My company works with hundreds of different silks and cottons. I will give as much as I possibly can to the community of women who are undergoing or experiencing an event where she is losing her hair.

I have two options at this time; a scarf (which can be a bit cumbersome for some) or a headwrap called "It's a Wrap". I will send you one at no charge. We don't have these all up on our website yet at, but I can send you swatches or a scan of the available fabrics at this time. My Dad actually went to our factory today to pick up hundreds of yards of fabric so we have tons of options to share.

If you or someone you know would enjoy either a scarf or an It's a Wrap - please email me at and me and my staff will work to get it done for you.

Thank you and I look forward to working together with you to perhaps send some comfort to women from women

Email Laurie, letting her know that you heard about the scarf from me or TNBCF. You can also call Laurie 888-884-3653. Here's the link to the It's A Wrap - you'll need to click on the Code # to view the fabrics.

Spread the word!


  1. Mommy!! I love it. It looks so cute on you!!

  2. I like it Renee, it does look nice on you! Sure it will keep your head "warm" also, with the weather changing to "cold!"

    Hope you're doing well.
    Love you,

  3. You look great - though I love the bald look, too. Way to make a difference in the world.

  4. Wow, really nice. Has some of my favorite colors in it too, like it. Was nice how that worked out for you to get it!

    Love you lots, Dawn