Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chemo 2, Day 6

I decided to tough it up and suck it up to go to work today. While I didn't feel 100%, I wasn't a 0% either as I was during Chemo 1. I felt "slower" in thinking, speaking and moving. Several times I had to read the same thing to figure out what I was doing.

The nausea would not leave, tho. It's still here tonight and I'm trying to get it under control. At work, I spent alot of time keeping something in my stomach and doing my best not to get sick. I didn't bring enough food - why should I since nothing tastes good?

I have a choice of staying on top of the nausea with meds and not go to work; or, go to work with nausea. Both are uncomfortable. And like pain pills, getting behind the nausea meds is a big no-no. . ..can't get caught up on it. But I am definitely going to try tonight.

Hair is still thinning - Vic does his nightly check and the shower/bath doesn't lie. I don't want to shave it all the way, so I guess I'll let it fall out as it is. The "strands" are less than a 1/2 inch.

Comparing this time to last time in chemo, we are doing much, much better.

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  1. So glad you're doing better this time round Renee. And if you can keep on top of the nausea medication, could you still work? Or does it effect your thinking, etc.? Plus, your driving I'm guessing too?

    I know it's a bummer about your hair, but I'll have to say, you sure are doing MUCH better than I would be. You don't even care if people stare at you, and I can't handle that. So proud of you to be doing so well with all of this.

    Will continue praying for you! Keep us posted.

    Love you!