Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Be Thou My Vision

Aug 19 - 7 pm

It's been a long day and we are tired, so this will be short. I do want to write more about the radio isotopes that were injected into the ta-ta and also Vic's surgery report. It was amazing to read!

I go into the hospital at 7 am, there will be prep time, geiger counter time to find the Sentinal Lymphnode and then to surgery, which will take about an hour. From what they showed us, we believe that surgery will begin about 9 am if all goes well on the surgery schedule. We estimate that we will leave the hospital about 3 pm.

I will say this about the radio isotopes . . . 8 needles. If you haven't read the blog from the beginning, at least read the entry Needles and Pins. You'll know the meaning behind the needles.

But the most important part of this procedure -- I kept the visual of me walking on water looking at Christ....I kept telling myself that the discomfort I was feeling was just the waves. It was fabulosa!

Please pray for a vein that does not collapse when the IV needle is inserted and for the absolute best person to do it in one stick. After that, I will be good and begging for happy medicine.

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  1. Praying for you right now at almost midnight that you will have a good night sleep, that God will help you sleep sound, and have a peaceful night, so you'll be refreshed and ready for the morning.

    Loved talking with you and Dawn on the phone tonight. Felt like you were in the next room. Sure wish I could be there with you tomorrow, more than anything! But know I'm there in spirit, and in prayer.

    While in the stormy waters, keep your eyes fixed on Him!!!!

    Love you Renee!