Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rush Rush

August 3
We rushed to Seattle this morning in order to get Vic to the hospital by 12 noon. In his room, the nurse asked why we were there so early given that his surgery isn’t until tomorrow. We shrug. . . we dunno. Vic explains that when he asked the surgery coordinator, they said 12 noon was usually late in the day. Do you think the coordinator meant 12 noon on his day of surgery?

Oh, well. We got to leave and enjoy a bite of Pagliacci Pizza. This restaurant is only in Seattle and the “eastside” of Seattle. Oh yummm!!! This is the good pizza that we crave for in our little town of Auburn.

Vic remains extremely calm and collected. I am okay, a little teary, but what else do you expect from me. This is just another tic on the checklist of things that have to be done before my surgery. It also means that my surgery is growing closer.

Now we are sitting in the hotel, Vic’s reading the paper and I’m doing office work. Got to stay ahead of the leave hours needed for August!

Remember I talked about the HR person earlier (She Works Hard for Her Money. . . have you caught on that all the titles for the blog entries are songs? Lol) My sweet supervisor and co-worker offered to donate sick hours to me so I don’t have to worry about my paychecks for the next 4 months. Well, I spoke with the HR person about my requested leave and brought up the subject about donated hours. HR person replies that a donated hour request would go out to the entire company for someone who has a life-threatening medical issue, anticipates a long recovery, and yada yada. So I don’t know if I qualify to receive donated hours. If I don’t, that means that I have to work when I can’t or don’t feel well enough to ensure that I have income.

Lesson learned: Don’t get cancer or some other non-life threatening medical issue when you are new on the job.

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