Sunday, August 24, 2008

Singin' In the Rain

Aug 24 (updated)

We are here! Just doing the recuperation thing, sleeping when we can, remembering to eat so the pain meds don't cause issue(s) and writing down when we take the pain meds because we forget. lol I walked to the end of the street twice, just trying to get the stamina back up so I can go to work.

I am going to the doctor tomorrow as I am having some pains in the breast that weren't here before. I called the resident on duty at 1 pm and he said we could come in today. I have chosen not to - unless it gets extreme. Rather, I'll do the 20 minutes of ice and increase the pain meds (as if I am not gorked enough).

Vic did something "vic-like" yesterday . . . . he mowed the yard. I guess he forgot that he is still recuperating from his surgery as well. Last night and today he said he didn't feel all that great, saying that his stomach feels like he did one too many sit-ups.

I realize that there are going to be "those" days during this journey. And that's okay. This has taught me not to sweat the small stuff, dial it back when things get to be too much. So what if there are newspapers on the floor and company is coming over. I can chose to run around picking up and being sick while you are at my house. Or I can overlook the newspapers on the floor and enjoy our time together. You can help me with this, right? And when you offer to help, I will say yes. We will need your help as we cannot do this alone. And you'll remind me of this right?

Christy and family came over yesterday, bringing the prepared meals. They also helped to pick up some things around the house. Something so little as picking up items and putting them away is such a HUGE help to me right now! Thank you to Aunt Peg and Mary Ellen and Chuck & Sandy for the gorgeous flowers.

5 pm
I gave up on trying to handle the breast pain and went to the ER. We had put ice on the port incision and the breast incision for 4 hours, and I had increased the pain meds . . . but no success on lowering the stabbing pain.

Virginia Mason was awesome. The surgical resident covering for my surgeon said that he would work it so I wasn't in ER forever like a regular walk-in. And he did it! I walked in, went into an exam room and he had 2 surgical residents/interns there in less than 15 minutes. They took a look and determined that there wasn't an infection . . . just a lot of bruising aka hematoma. I'm very, very royally purple! So more ice and more pain meds and adding Tylenol. I'll do anything to get the pain to decrease so I can get back to work in order to save my leave hours.

Vic will be working from home tomorrow to help with me. I am attending a Look Better . . . Feel Good program tomorrow as well ( It's a service from American Cancer Society.

We will have a link to a website where you can see what needs Vic and I have. If you are able to help, it will be geatly appreciated!!!


  1. Ok, so I do not understand why Vic didn't say he needed the lawn mowed. We were there for about an hour or so YESTERDAY! What a goober!! We love you!

  2. Because he's a goober. He wanted to see how well he was.

    We will add "mowing the yard" to our list of needs. Maybe he won't do it then.