Friday, August 8, 2008

Sister Golden Hair

Aug 8

Okay, so I've started looking at those halo wigs again. I should be asleep since it is 11 pm.

There has got to be a way that I can take my hair - when I shave it off - and put it onto the ribbons or whatever like the picture shows in the link above.

Hot glue the hair onto a stretchy ribbon? It has to be soft because the head is irritated and sensitive during chemo. Hmmm, gonna have to think about this.


  1. These pictures look so nice with the wigs and hats. That would be neat if you "could" use your own hair!

    Did the doctor say you for sure would loose your hair? Ken's dad had Chemo, and he never lost his hair. But I don't think he had to have strong treatments. So maybe he would have if it was more severe.

    But these pictures look so natural and I really like the hats. That would be cool to use your own hair.

    Again, praying for all these decisions you have to make.

    Love you,

  2. I thought about calling my hairdresser today asking her if she'd save me some long hair that she cut today. . .just to practice if I could do it! lol

    I didn't get around to doing it as we had to Vic back to the ER for edema. Spent a few hours there watching him "pee" off the swelling. Ewwww.

    The 2 drugs that I will be taking do causes hair loss, but no vomitting! Yippee!! The oncologist said about day 15 or 16 after the first chemo infusion all hair will fall out. It may thin between day 1 and day 14.

    But what else falls out is the leg hair, the underarm hair, the facial hair I pay money to get rid of and , umm, you get the picture. lol So one thing that is good about chemo!

  3. That is too funny!!! I love your, "umm, you get the picture."


  4. P.S.

    Also, will continue praying for Vic's recovery!


  5. Goosie..

    So glad to hear that Vic's tumor was benign. I continue to keep you in my prayers. God Bless you.

  6. OMG! The facial hair too??? I do get the picture. Not sure I would want to do the chemo to get rid of it, but there has to be something better then the daily "plucking" of those damn corse chin hairs that seem to appear in great quantities with menopause!
    I look like a teen with bad acne on somedays, cuz I miss the hairs (eyes seem to fail with age too!)


  7. Renee! Google for how to make a wig -- there are a few sites about it. It actually sounds sorta creative and interesting. Here is one site:

    There are others -- no hot glue! That would make it look bad, and would be terribly uncomfortable to wear, as well. The halo sounds like a really good idea.

  8. Valorie,

    Thanks for reading the blog and sending the information. I DID take a look at the weblink you sent. I am amazed that people have the patience to do something like make a wig! But it IS something to think about.