Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wig-Wag Bam

August 2
Went looking for wigs today. Too bad we didn't have a camera but since this was a fact finding mission, we'll definitely have one next time! I tried on a few and started to feel a little depressed, but talked myself out of it. No pity parties here. You got cancer, Nee, deal with it. It's not the end of the world!

Seeing some of the hair pieces and hats helped. I will be ordering online and here's some stuff that I've looked at. It's amazing what the beauty (?) world has come up for chemo patients.

Fake Eyebrows:

Exposed head hairpiece: This seemed much much cooler and less itchy than a wig. From what I've read, the scalp is sensitive during chemo and is a little painful. With this hairpiece, I would still have to wear a hat or scarf unless I wanted to scare people. Hmmm, is it Halloween yet?

I just don't see me wearing a hat or scaraf at work but the other altnerative is to go bald, which I won't. Someone at work said maybe we should have a hat day to kick off my first day of wearing a hat. How sweet!!!

I think I'll start wearing hats and scarves to work while I do have my natural hair and before I start chemo. If I waited until I lost my hair, and wore a scarf or hat to work, I would feel like there was a neon sign pointing at me saying, "Look, look, look! She's bald and has cancer!"

I haven't even begun to think or worry about the surgery and chemo. I am trying to focus on what I can control . . . buying hair and a bra or cami to wear after surgery until the incision heals.

Vic goes into the hospital tomorrow (Sunday) to get ready for his surgery on Monday. Yeaah!!!

Pray for success with laparoscopy and guiding the surgeon's hands.

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