Monday, August 4, 2008

Sleeping To Dream

Aug 4
7 pm -- Surgery is over; now recovery begins. I don't have all the details right now - but will post them tomorrow.

Surgery started later than I thought it would. The surgery was a little more complicated and took longer than they thought it would.

Vic is in ICU until tomorrow as they regulate his blood pressure. We knew he'd be in ICU because of the medications he has been taking for over a month to lower the pressure because of the pheochromocytoma making the blood pressure high. He has something inside one of his veins that alerts the nursing staff of when the bp goes low - then give him meds to raise it. Likewise, when the bp goes too high, they give him meds to lower it. So he is on a roller coaster right now on getting the bp regulated. I spoke to him briefly. He looked good for someone coming out of major surgery.

I'm off to sleep now as it has been a very long day. I will write more tomorrow when I get back to the hospital to see Vic and to talk to the staff of what happened.

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