Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday Morning

Aug 5

I called the ICU last night about 8 pm and his nurse said he was doing fine. She handed the phone to Vic; he said he was doing okay. He had rolled from side to side and they were going to get him up to walk.

He actually looked good when I finally got to see him about 4:30 pm. I will find out today why it was 4.5 hours between the end of his surgery and him getting to ICU. Jen and I had no idea where he was or why he was being held, despite our calling ICU every 30 minutes.

I just called the hospital and the nurse said he had a very good night and slept through, despite quite a bit of noise on the hospital floor. Plans are that he will be in ICU until they get him up, get paperwork completed (by the nurse) and his new room is ready.

I am exhausted. :-) As soon as I feel it's safe to drive, I'll head on up to Seattle. We'll keep you posted!

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