Wednesday, August 20, 2008

At the Hospital #4

Aug 20, 3:15 PM (Vic writing)

Surgery is over.

The surgeon said everything went according to plan with no surprises. She feels the tumor was completely removed and the sentinel lymph node was clear on frozen section. We should have the detailed Path report by Monday. We should be able to see Renee in about an hour.


  1. Thank goodness! Hugs to both of you and my thoughts are there for your entire family!

    I love you guys!!

  2. good news. thank you Jesus~

  3. So sorry Renee' (and Vic) that you had to get up so early, to get to the hospital to have to wait for hours. Why do they do that to us? They did the same thing to me (I told Vic on the phone), when I had my surgery. I was there at 7:30am, surgery WAS to be at 8:30, and they didn't take me in till almost 1pm also. That is not fair that they do that. Here we are scared to death, and rush to get there, so we can get in to "get it over with" and they do this to us!!! SUE THE HOSPITAL!!! =0)

    Seriously though, I am SOOO thrilled that God answered our prayers, that the surgery went well, and the lymph node came out negative. Jumping up and down for joy! Will be praying for your road ahead.

    Love you Renee!
    Cousin Kim