Saturday, July 19, 2008

Needles and Pins

June 26 – Biopsy
Core-boring-through-rock-needle day at 2 pm.

I'm probably working myself up into a lather for nothing, ,but the “feeling a little pressure and snapping sensation” won’t leave my visual brain. If someone who has had a recent biopsy could tell me how much "discomfort" there is, it might help. At 11 am, I give up. I am not able to do mind-over-matter; I call my internist and ask for a little pill to get the edge off so I can get just get INTO the lobby.

My Rock aka Vic goes with me to the Breast Diagnostic Center but has to wait in the lobby. I asked the assistant if I could have my iPod and the answer is no. No Rock, no iPod, no distractions. I’m not liking this, Lucy. Where is this person who earlier told herself that she was going to be in control? When I’m in control, I don’t freak and I can breathe. Breathing is important. I acquiesce to their regimental attitude and quickly understand that this organization is ruled by an old school doctor. He is the god and everyone around bows down to him.

The procedure begins. They demonstrate the clicking sound. Not too bad, I can handle that. But the “snapping sensation” just doesn’t leave my brain and I am tense. When someone tells you to relax, don’t you tense up more? A joke at this point would work a 1,000 times more for me.

god-like doctor begins. Lidocaine goes in, little pin prick, no big deal; I can handle this. god-like doctor inserts the hollow core needle, no problem, I can handle this. I think I’m breathing; or maybe I’m holding my breath instead. Click goes the machine. No problem, no great pain, just a little burning, no snapping sensation. A few seconds later, he tells me the click is coming. Don’t tell me, dang it. Just do it and do it quick!

He removes 3 cores, puts in a marker so “if future tests are needed, they will know where to look”. I get bandaged up, have another mammogram and an ice pack I stick inside my bra. I told him that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but the "snapping sensation" really set me up for expecting the worse. god-like doctor asks where did I hear about a snapping sensation. "From your instruction sheet", I reply. He shrugs and walks out the door. I hold down right fist with left hand.

Lesson learned: The core needle biopsy doesn't hurt - as in "hand me the Percocet please" pain. It burned a little each time the tissue was taken out, but only for a few seconds.

Second lesson learned: Research doctors who specialize in breast cancer and know who is covered by your health insurance. You may not need this because your biopsy comes back negative. But having a clearer head to think is great should the diagnosis come back as cancer.

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