Saturday, July 19, 2008

Reach Out, I'll Be There

July 4
I need some prayer support. How easy it is for us to sign a card and say, “I’m praying for you.” Yeah, I might say a little prayer as I am writing that, but I don’t go into the “prayer closet” to pray for them. I am ashamed of myself for doing this. Will I do this again? I don’t think I will. I now know how important it is to have support and know that you have people praying for you. I know my immediate family is praying for me, but will one more hurt?

I did something that is hard for me most of the time. I reached out to acquaintances, past friends and people who are in my email address book, and asked for help and support. I feel embarrassed for doing this as soon as I hit the “send” button. I’m a giver and not a receiver. It is a challenge for me to ask for help. But I did it. Not for attention or sympathy, but because I am freaking scared for my Rock and for me.

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