Sunday, September 14, 2008

What a Difference a Day Makes

Sept 14

Today is a special day for me as it marks where I was this time 24 years ago. My father passed away on this date in 1984. . . the day before my 30th birthday. Now you know why Sept 14 is always a day that I cannot forget.

Yep, I’m 54 (24 + 30 = 54) and I was born in 1954. Okay, 54 and year 1954 hits me as ironic? Or geesh, I’m so smart? Whatever . . .

I hope that next year on this date, I will be without cancer cells, have hair and eyelashes, and back to 100% me.

I told Vic what today was and he said, “We’re thinking of you, George”. George was smart, self taught in computers and other things, totally in love with his grandchildren, and loyal to friends (which were few). I chose not to focus on Geo’s bad points, but he had a few as we all do. He was stubborn, ornery, and sometimes a fighter. I believe I’ve inherited some of his better qualities, including these last 3. I think I’ll need them for a few months, don’t you?

I wonder if Wonder Woman had bad days?

I return to work tomorrow. Not sure how it’s going to go since I was tired today with cooking. After chopping the veggies and getting the soup to boil then simmer, I was exhausted. I had to sit down!

Vic says he feels he is at 80% of “normal” for stamina and energy since his surgery. He is a peach! He hasn’t gotten crabby once during this ordeal. He just finished a book that we highly recommend to a spouse who is the co-survivor of cancer . . . Cancer for Two.

We meet with the oncologist this Thursday afternoon. The incision – the 2nd as well as the 1st – is not healed enough to start chemo, IMHO. I have a few questions for Dr. P and maybe I should research more. But I’ve learned along this journey that questions lead to answers which lead to questions, which leads to answers, which leads to testing, which leads to waiting, which leads to stress, which leads to answers, which leads to breathing. Aaaah. . . breathing. I enjoy breathing.

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