Monday, September 8, 2008

Deja Vu

Sep 8

This is Vic

Here we are again at the hospital, seems like yesterday. Surgery is scheduled for 8:40 and is estimated to take 30 minutes. Even though Renee may have been saying she is prepared, I think this one is hitting her pretty hard.

They finally called for her at 8:30 and this time I could go with her. Turns out that last week they opened a brand new outpatient surgery. I was able to stay with until they wheeled her out for surgery which was about 9:20.

I grabbed a quick breaksfast and stopped to talk with Pathology to verify they received our request for additional testing. They did and we should have those results any time. I then tried to catch up on some work and before I knew it, Renee was out of surgery and I could be with her immediately.

Here it is 1:15 and I finally get a chance to update the blog. We arrived home at 12:30 and just finished some lunch. The surgery went well according to the surgeon, but that seems to be standard lingo when referring to their portion. We have to wait for the Pathology report which should be out in 2-3 days. According to Renee, they don't get another opportunity to cut on this breast again, so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

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