Sunday, June 28, 2009


Happy one year anniversary to me! Happy one year anniversary to Vic! Happy one year anniversary to our new normal! [groan]

What a bumpy ride this year has been. No pun in intended. You know. . Bump, Lump. Lump gets you lumpectomy. So if you have a bump, do you get a bumpectomy?

It seems a lifetime rather than one year since diagnosis. Much has changed, but most things have remained the same.

Vic and I are leaving today for a 3 days at the ocean. Rejuvenation. Celebration.

A couple of pics of the hair growth. Nothing straightens it out and makes it spikey. Nothing. I'm happy to have it - that bald look isn't comfortable.



  1. Nice to have hair ... enjoy your 3 days at the ocean.

  2. wow - your hair is great! mine grew in completely stick straight...go figure...

  3. Oh, Renee, I'm so glad you and, Vic, get some time away. I'll be praying you have a GREAT time away together!

    And I think you're hair looks nice. I had a perm for years, to get that curly look. And you have it naturally! I think it's probably too short to straighten it some. I bet when it grows a little more, you can take a huge curling iron, or straightening iron to soften it some. But in the meantime, I think it looks really nice.

    Well, have a great get away! I'm thinking of you and praying for you!

    Love you!

  4. Have fun on your get-away!
    My hair is still too short to see if I get chemo curls or not. I'm getting chemo spikes instead as my hair seems to be growing up. But it is soft aand covers the baldness.

  5. Your hair looks great! Have a wonderful vacation... a year of this already, wow...

  6. Your hair is great, I would love to have hair, any hair, any colour, any type, just hair! Have a lovely time at the seaside