Thursday, June 18, 2009


Quick update on mammogram:

There is "architectural distortion" with no microcalcification per se. The breast radiologist's reports indicates that the mammogram does look different from the 2008 mammogram and believes it is from the lumpectomy. The distortion is about where the surgical scar is, so that makes sense. The oncologist stated that they are being conservative by asking for a unilateral mammogram in six months. . . just to confirm that the change in the breast is from surgery and not from anything else. About 90% of the time, the architectural distortion is from surgery, and particularly at the lumpectomy site.

So in six months, I'll have a MRI and mammogram. Until then, I'll just live my life distortedly (no, that word does't exist in And very happily distortedly.

Be at peace my friends,



  1. R, what the stupid technicians don't understand is that we live our lives wondering if it is coming back. I do wish they'd take a walk in our shoes. Every ache and pain is suspect. Makes me want to smack someone.

    Distortedly happy is decidedly better than unhappy. Hope things are good with you!

  2. Yes, the waiting is the hard part ... but on the bright side ... it's best it gets checked.

    Love the 'distortedly' word ... made me smile.

  3. Sometimes you just want to smack someone....

    living distortedly....I like this!!

    Alli XX

  4. Distorted, my ass. I got similar results six months after finishing chemo and demanded a biopsy, which my surgeon was happy to do knowing the peace of mind it gave me. Speak up if you need to; otherwise forge on.

  5. Renee how are you doing?

    Alli xx

  6. Hi Alli!

    I am doing pretty darn good. Work has taken over my life again. And here I thought I was going to have a better balance in my life. Oh, well, I'll get there.

    I hope you are doing well. I read your most recent post (and hope to get caught up on everyone's blogs the next few days). Proud of you for confronting the three friends. I found that not everyone could handle the cancer diagnosis - and those that couldn't stayed away. Sad isn't it? But we have to let them be in their comfort zone. How mucy bigger they would be IF they stayed in touch and fought through their fears and issues.