Monday, July 6, 2009

Bumpy Road

Vic and I had a wonderful time at the ocean. Good food, great drinks, awesome weather and ocean view from the living room & bedroom. Need to figure out how to win $1 million so we can buy a condo on the beach.

July 4th weekend was great as well. Life is going extremely well. Found out that I was on the Wisconsin Ginseng. Explains why the fatigue lessened so quickly. Yeah!!

New adventures on Renee's Bump in the Road. Literally . . . a BUMP on the ROAD. I fell off my bike ala Artie Johnson style from Laugh In (1970s). Landed on my left arm/elbow. Broke the radial head. I have a partial cast, keeping my arm at a 90 degree angle, and a sling. I see the orthopedist tomorrow morning.

This is me going to work this morning. I only stayed an hour since I didn't have a medical release. Sigh. Here we go again on not enough leave hours to cover this and have any time for future vacation.

More tomorrow! I can type with one hand...and it isn't fun.


  1. Really? Glad you had a good time at the ocean, but a broken arm?? So sorry to hear that...

  2. Okay....enough is enough!!! Now you take a "dive" in the road??!!! Don't you think you've been through enough already??!! I mean...really!!! =0)

    I too, am happy you two were able to get away for a bit. Ken and I love going to a condo on the beach. And we'd love to buy it also. Well, at least we don't have to keep it up. Someone else has to do all the work. So I guess there's a bright side.

    Praying your arm heals up quickly and you get your "medical leave" taken care of. Don't quite get it. Are they saying you can't work while you're in this condition? What a bummer if so.

    Well, you take care and stop hurting yourself, okay? =0)

    Love you much, Cuz!!

  3. gee whiz sister - no fair about the broken radial...ouch! as to the Wisconsin Ginseng...I want some!! :)

  4. Oh my ... take it easy girl ... hope it heals quickly.

  5. Thanks ladies! 1,000 mg of Wisconsin Ginseng twice a day. Two 500 mg in the morning and 2 more with lunch, at least before 1 p.m. Anyone with fatigue, take it! But it has to be the Wisconsin Ginseng.

    Kim - Because the ER doc verbalized that I shouldn't type until I was cleared by the Orthopedist. The ER didn't want any more damage to the bone or have the bones separate anymore.

    Because of that, HR needed to have a note of what my limitations were - since I couldn't do my job 100%. I couldn't get a note from ER - since it was verbalized and not put into the chart notes. My regular physician was booked and I couldn't get into her on Monday to get a note from her.

    All I wanted to do was work 4 hours answering phones and doing what I could with the right hand. I could still click with a mouse at least! But without that note, I couldn't stay. Isn't that silly?