Sunday, July 12, 2009

Splish Splash

Splish Splash I Was Taking a Bath

I used to love taking long scented bubble baths with scented candles all around the room. Me - in the tub with my cigarettes, iced cold Pepsi and a good book. Hours could be spent this way. Awww, can you hear the sigh of bliss?

I still like my baths, don't drink Pepsi or smoke any longer, but the lovely scented stuff has gone. I'm now allergic to everything. It's been 8 days since I've had a bath and was desperate to have one today . No, I didn't say bathe, bath. I've had showers, silly.

I decided that the pain in the arm was less and I needed to take a long, relaxing bath. Vic was out truck shopping, so it was a perfect time to have some peace and quiet to read Fern Michael's Final Justice.

Putting the hands on the side of the tub to lower myself in should have been the first clue that this wasn't a smart idea after all. I didn't gently lower myself into the water. Rather, kerplunked my big azz into the tub since the pain in the left wrist shot up my arm. Okay, breathe. Yes, breathe. I start laughing. Here I am in the tub, with no phone nearby and not really sure when Vic will be home! Oh well, might as well continue with the plan . . .read while soaking in warm, relaxing water.

An hour goes by, I've re-warmed the cold water in the tub a few times. Finally, Vic comes home. I don't really want to tell him the predicament I've placed myself in. Heaven knows how many of these "situations" this boy has had to get me out of this past year. Let's give him a break!

I grab the towel and strategically place it so the right arm/hand and feet do not slip on the slippery tub. Not working. I have to call for Vic's help. I won't go into all the detail, but let me say that I had visions of the bathroom's outside wall being removed and a fork lift maneuvering it's way to pick me up out of the tub. Ewww, it wasn't a pretty thought either.

Our life continues despite tumors, cancers and broken radial heads. But Vic still does that weird shaking of the head after these situations. Maybe he needs to see a neurologist for that.




  1. That is so funny ... you made me giggle.

    You are quit the character.

  2. OMG that is so hilarious! If it makes you feel any better I have those same visions (forklift, etc) everytime I take a bath.. and I don't have a bad left arm/elbow!

    Thanks for the giggles!


  3. You are just TOOO funny, Renee!!! That's one thing I've always LOVED about you!!! You make people laugh, and in this tough life, we need a good laugh now and then!! Thank you for that!! Was, Vic, laughing afterwards? =0)

    Love you, Renne!!

  4. Vic was doing the shaking head, eye rolling routine, while shuffling out of the bathroom. I think I heard mumbling too.

  5. Yep it is hard to get out of a tub with one arm. It took me a while for me to regain use of my left arm. 6 months after breaking it, I still had trouble extending the arm to feed toll booths, which were numerous as I drove from MI to Boston to see my first grandchild born. Too bad you didn't post a video of your 'extraction,.

  6. That is too funny, sounds like Vic has a good sense of humor also.

  7. This was just toooo funny.... Me too I have great difficulty getting into the tub because I have this issue with my shoulder so lowering myself i end up making a spash that nearly hits the living room like a sunami...and i love my bath too.

    The things we do.....

    Alli xox