Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another Angel

I have been writing a new blog entry - in my head - for several weeks now. Soon, I will actually get it onto the blog!

But I wanted to share with you the spirit of a wonderful young lady who also went through a cancer diagnosis and treatment - Amber Chase. Her cancer is different from mine (Triple Negative) and is the one that, to me, is the hardest one to have diagnosed. It is called Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Many ladies are misdiagnosed for months and years - until it is too late and they are diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.

When you go to Amber's blog, please read up on Inflammatory Breast Cancer. And, more importantly, share this information with your daughters, nieces, and granddaughters.

Here is a link to one of Amber's blog entries. I encourage all to really read the last paragraph.

May this note find you living to your fullest.




  1. Renee,

    Thank so much for posting this about Inflammatory Breast Cancer. I am following you and wish you continued health!

  2. Hello Renee!

    I wanted to let you know about an interesting cancer blog a group of cancer patients have been working on.

    A fellow tongue cancer patient was sent home to die. There was nothing more that can be done. Cancer survivors ask him life altering questions.

    Please read: Dead Man Talking

    Peace B

  3. This is true in the detection of disease is not like breast cancer disease ... I also have friends who get breast cancer inflammatory disease ... initially as an insect bite, after the check positive for
    breast cancer inflammatory disease