Thursday, September 17, 2009

Where Did The Time Go

Wow! Almost a month since I last wrote on the blog. I knew I was going to start having longer periods of time between writings, but a month? Oh well.

Vic and I had a great Labor Day weekend. We made it a four-day weekend, which was very much needed. We went over to Ocean Shores for just one night, but as usual, just seeing, smelling and hearing the ocean does wonders for me.

Work life has been too busy and too stressful. Along with keeping my eye to December for clear scans, December is when the multiple evening meeetings will end. Last Wednesday, I didn't leave work until 10 pm. . .was there at 9 am! That's too long of a day for me. I enjoy my evenings at home.

I turned 55 (gasp) this week! We had a great celebratory dinner with the girls, their husbands and the grandkids last Saturday. The 15 year old grandson, who has his driver's permit, drove Miss Daisy home from dinner. Yes, I was sitting in the back of the PT waving as we drove away.

Time this past week has been consumed with finding recipes and planning meals. I forgot how much time it takes to plan to eat healthy! I started attending Weight Watchers at Work program. The weigh-ins and meeting is held during the lunch hour so no excuses of being too tired to attend a meeting in the evening or too busy on the weekend. Tomorrow is weigh-in, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I lost at least 1/2 pound! :-) Weight Watchers has a great on-line tool where you can build a recipe from your favorite recipes to see how to make it healthier and how many points a serving would be. I highly recommend the program, even if you aren't overweight. It's all about making health choices.

This weekend promises to be a fantastic one! Saturday is a facial and a massage. Sunday - attending the play Wicked.

I pray that you are making the best of today! Remember . . . it can be worse!

Many blessings



  1. Sounds like you are your enjoying your post-cancer life. Good for you!

    You used to have a link on your page to a blog with the the word housewife in it. She had 3 very cute kids but her BC had gone to her brain. Do you know how she is?

  2. you sound great and i am so happy! don't let work stress you out too much...i am convinced that stress at my job was complicit in me getting sick....i left management and have a much lower stress job now and though the commute is long i am loving it!

  3. Sounding good my friend, sounding good!

  4. Renee,
    Cari (from UnDomestic) died yesterday 9-22-09. Very sad.

  5. So very sad. Damn this disease!

  6. Hi Renee,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Hope that you'll be having a great weekend and a relaxing one too! Looking forward to keeping in touch ... and keeping the faith! :)