Sunday, August 16, 2009

California Dreamin'

Super busy at work - too much work and not enough people. What were they thinking laying off two people on our admin team? One of the remaining team members reads their book at their desk when they should be working. That leaves three of us busting out azzes to just keep our heads above the water. It's not fair. But life isn't fair either. What goes around, comes around. I'm such a believer in that.

Have had many late night meetings and will have many more through November. I'm not happy about it as they all fall on me. See above - someone in their stupidity cut two support positions. What were they thinking? lol I refuse to walk on water or even try to walk on water. I gave that up years ago when I decided trying to be perfect and a people pleaser was killing me.

Vic went to California last Wednesday and came home today. I am so glad he is back! I get nauseous having to give the cat his twice daily insulin injections. At least I don't cry any more! Yippee, making progress. I missed the guy . . my friend, my love.

Health continues to be fine. I feel like my brain is coming back really well. I can multitask and don't need as many reminders, ticklers and lists upon lists to function at work. I feel like me again and I'm very happy about it. Hair is growing and is still curly! The curl is loosening somewhat, but it's not my normal straight. I'm loving it tho.

The December MRI and mammogram and "
distorted architecture" still sits in the back of the mind. I'm telling myself that I can make it another 3 months . . . meetings will be done, MRI and mammogram will be done. Family from California will be here the day after I receive the MRI results. I am sooooooo believing for a clear scan!

Sending hugs to my breast cancer sisters going through treatment. And high fiving those who have completed.



  1. High five to you too and hoping for a clean MRI!!
    Your co-worker who can't put her book down must not really want her job. In times like these, I can't believe that someone would behave like that.

  2. I too, believe in what comes around goes around. You get back double of what you give out!

    Try not to do too much work because in my experience the more you do the more they give you. It goes against the grain to left things undone but sometimes you have to make a stand for your own personal welfare.

    So glad that things are going well. Dont worry too much about tomorrow! I am almost thru chemo yipee!!!!!! Just cant wait to have more energy again

    Love & Life