Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Surgery was scheduled for 10:20 - and we arrived at 8:30 am. Ultrasound and radiation doctor came in to find the tumor and mark it up for the cut area. Since the tumor had a blood supply, they mapped out where the "small" veins were. The surgeon was behind schedule and Vic didn't leave the pre-op until 12:30 pm. I hate waiting!!

Vic was out of surgery about 2:30 yesterday. Doctor said it went well and the tumor is out. It was a nerve sheath tumor. I don't have any more info other than that.

Everyone kept asking - including the surgeon - if he was spending the night. We were confused as we thought all along this was an outpatient surgery. Then our concern was raised, what do THEY know that WE don't know.

I got in to see Vic at 3 pm and he looked good. A little groggy, but he snapped out of it pretty quickly. Once his blood pressure and heart rate stabilized and he could urinate, we were free to go. Within an hour or less, he had stabilized but not bathroom trips. And we waited. Did I mention how much I hate waiting?? Three glasses of juice later, he finally got a little out at 5 pm. Probably TMI, but it was the reason we couldn't get out. The nurse "dobblered" his bladder to see if it was empty and it was. So he got dressed and we left at 5:15. . . .and ran into the I-5 had two accidents so let's back up the freeway to Canada routine. We finally got home at 6:30 pm.

This morning, Vic continues to move around well, looks good in his coloring and has had minimal Oxys. Don't you wish we could all be this way after abdominal surgery? I'm envious.

I am heading to work as he doesn't need me to babysit. That's the one thing he is bad at -- being a patient. Doesn't need a nurse or waiting on. I've had to give him a sharp "Hey!" when he went to lift something. Nothing heavier than a gallon of milk . . which leaves the cats out. :-)

Peace over and out!


  1. So happy to hear things went well. Vic needs to be a good patient so he doesn't tick off his nurse ;)

    Hugs to you!!

  2. So glad it went well. Take care of yourself, too.

  3. Hi Renee,

    I know it's been awhile, but I told you I'd get on here and check it out. Didn't realize I'd missed so much. But glad to hear Vic's doing good and all went well.

    Well you hang in there with everything, the experimental meds, etc. Hope they can help.

    Thanks for keeping us informed of things. I'll let this do for now and will try to check it more often. Love you, Dawn

  4. Good to hear surgery went well!

  5. Very happy to hear all went well with Vic's surgery. I'm with you, impatient as they come. The older I get the worse I am!

    Take care.. huggles

  6. Very glad to hear things went well. Hope you're doing alright, yourself! :)

  7. Renee,

    So glad Vic's surgery went so well, and he's recovering well. Was praying for him, and you.

    Well, you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers! I bet Vic and you have a weight lifted with the surgeries behind you.

    Well, you guys take care.
    Love you!