Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We hate this disease!

Introduction from the blog of a courageous and spirited TNBC woman - Tracy Pleva Hill

Please keep her family in your prayers.


My name is Tracy Pleva Hill and I was diagnosed with Stage IIb, triple negative breast cancer at the age of 32 in 2000. Ten months after completing chemotherapy in early 2001, I discovered that my disease had progressed to Stage IV. I have since spent seven years being infused with chemotherapeutics to manage my disease.

I have a beloved, beleaguered, adored husband who valiantly remains my most insistent supporter despite all the challenges and hardship breast cancer has brought us. (“In sickness and in health” – who saw this coming?) I also have an nine-year-old son who has never known me as anyone but a person living with cancer. So, I love my husband, raise my son, work full-time and run my home. Only, there is always the cancer.

I have a hard time remembering what I was like before breast cancer horned in on my unremarkable but happy life. It shapes me in unfamiliar ways. Living with Stage IV (advanced) breast cancer elevates the game. It means knowing that your cancer is never going to leave you and that you are going to be on some form of medication for as long as your body can withstand it or until the cancer overwhelms it.I intend to make this f-ing disease work for every little bit it tries to take from me.


  1. I just read Tracy's blog. What a brave, courageous soul.
    My prayers are with her family.

    What a nasty disease this is.

    Lots of hugs Renee.


  2. I sure feel for Tracy! How horrible to go through this for such a long time. I pray Renee, you won't have to go through what she's gone through.

    They did testing on you after your chemo and radiation to make sure the cancer is gone, right? I will be praying it never comes back!!

    I'll continue praying for you and also for Vic!

    Love you much!