Sunday, January 18, 2009

They Were Here Friday

six weeks since it ended and it keeps on giving.
or in this case,
Chemo has taken my eyelashes.
They were here on Friday - I saw them.
I put mascara on them before going to work.

Can you see the gap in the middle?

Yesterday, was a laze around the house day, watching last season's 13 episodes of Damages with Glenn Close. So no makeup was necessary. However, today I dressed and put on full-face makeup to go to some friends. . . .and noticed a space between my lower eye lashes. Upon further investigation, I discovered some stumps on the upper eye lid.

My eyebrows and eye lashes had thinned about the 4th chemo which was 6 weeks ago. No biggie, I could fill them in with cosmetics. Revlon's Fash Fantasy has been wonderful in minimizing the loss up to now. But without the eye lash, no covering up now!

The skin around my eyes and on my face has aged at least 10 years with chemo. The skin on my hands has thinned and it is a challenge to keep them hydrated. Papercuts go deep on the paper-thin skin.

This rates right up there with the loss of my hair.

Speaking of hair, I have more growth . . .on the legs and the head. Why couldn't the eye lashes stay and the hair on the legs not return. Or, how about the hair on my face? That could have stayed away! But oh no (said sarcastically), my eyelashes had to fall out now. I guess it could be worse.

But it rates right up there with the loss of my hair.

Here is a link to a picture of the eyes and you can see some of the hair growth. Yes the eyes are a little red, they had tears in them before the picture was snapped. The "fullness" of the hair isn't even - mostly the top is filling in. Sort of looks like a Chia pet.

I guess it could be worse.

So how is YOUR day going?


  1. Hopefully you'll just lose those few lashes in the middle and that will be it as those nasty poisons should be leaving your system. I will be sad too when my lashes fall out. I am hoping against hope that won't happen. Of course I hoped I would be the only one in the world that wouldn't lose hair to the Red Devil.
    Cancer sucks.
    I used to have oily skin. Now I don't have a single working oil gland anywhere.
    Are you being treated at U of W?

  2. You are still beautiful to me my friend. Chia ain't got nothing on you! I just marvel at your sense of humor. I think they make some great false eyelashes if you insist on having them!

    Love you


  3. grandma you still look beautiful,no mater how much hair you lose

    I love you very much.

    love mckenzie

  4. Thank you ladies for your support and kind words!

    The world continues despite my eye lashes falling out. Even tho it felt/feels like the world should stop for a minute while we grieve. How much more can the cancer take from me?

    Well, it can't take great friends and family. It can't take my humor. It can't take the love from you all.

    Sue - I'm being treated by Virginia Mason. My hubby works at University of Washington Medical Center. I felt more comfortable going to VM, tho UW is a good program as well. They are associated with Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

  5. Renee,

    I know you have a little hole in your lashes, but you have thicker, longer lashes than I do. I hate my eyelashes.

    Did the doctor say how long it would take for your hair to grow back? Is the radiation keeping it from growing now, or is it just from the chemo? And I agree with your granddaughter, McKenzie, you are still beautiful!!

    Oh, I also left a message for you on your last post. I hadn't seen this one yet. Just wanted to make sure you saw that one.

    You take care.
    Love you!

  6. Oh Renee, you are not alone. Why why why? Don't ask why. I lost every single eyelash three weeks after chemo ended then almost all of them again about a month later. When I asked the nurses about it, they said that sometimes happens...would've been nice to know, right?

    I'm so sorry. I found that eyeliner helped.

    Many hugs,

  7. To answer your question about the hair . .. it was the chemo that did it. Radiation doesn't affect the hair in my case since the beam isn't directed at my head or my arm pit (dang that!). If it was at the arm pit, then that hair would probably not grow.

    I normally have a 1/2 inch growth each month - per the hairdresser. I have more than a 1/2 inch - but just a few places. Hopefully it will kick in once the chemo is out of my system. I thought 6 weeks was long enough!