Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Draw The Circle Wide

Today was the 2nd radiation and it was quick. I was on the table less than 5 minutes - and 3 minutes was spent adjusting my body to the laser beams and the radiataion therapists walking out of the room!

The machine starts on the left, zaps me and then rotates to the right side and zaps again. I think each zap is about 30 seconds.

I am having the "Canadian study" 3 week radiation. The rads are higher, 265 versus 200 if I was doing 6 weeks. I go each day, Monday - Friday, on my lunch hour. Thank goodness for having Saturday and Sundays off!

I did question the large size of the circle (get the song title of this update?) that they drew on my skin yesterday. This entire breast area - and then some - is being radiated. I thought it was going to be a small beam right into the area where the tumor was . . .not the whole freakin' breast. It will be an item for discussion with the Rad Onc on Thursday.

I am to use aloe-vera gel at least 3 times a day - preferrably 4. The gel can't be used within 4 hours of the treatment, so finding time to get 4 in is a challenge. Besides, the gel is sticky and takes a while to dry before I can put clothes on. I can picture me in the work's restroom stall applying gel and fanning the skin until it dried.

I feel good, energy level is coming back up. The two long-lasting side effects from the final chemo are improving. The skin on my palms began to peel and went through 3 layers. The other issue was the red marks underneath the nails and the pain of the nail beds. The marks are still there, but the pain is lessening. Yeah!!

Thank you all so much for your continued good thoughts, prayers and support! This journey would be that much harder without it.

Hugs to you all!


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