Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Anagram: Crate

Quick note tonight.

No brain cancer.  Yeah!!!!
   Next step:  Referral to neurologist for lots and lots of testing on May 17th.  Some of the symptoms seem to be menopause-type, but I thought I was fully past menopause.  Hmmm. . .
Folic acid and Vitamin B12 levels are good. Yeah!

All but one blood test results are back - so far no autoimmune disease.  Yeah!

Rheumatologist's Initial diagnosis is psoriatic arthritis.  Follow up May 21st.

Here we go again . . .test, wait; test, wait; repeat.  

I had a light bulb moment today. Imagine that!  For once the brain wasn't too fuzzy.  Anyway, it seems that for a month after the 6-month Oncologist follow up, life seems to be in turmoil. Doctors just want to be "safe" or "cautious" and run tests.  I appreciate their concern.  What I can do though, next time, is control the way that I react. 

Peace!  Over and out.



  1. Such wonderful news! Love ya Toni

  2. Well that was a relief! With any symptom we develop now, we find ourselves whispering..could it have come back and make ourselves crazy. But there are so many things out there we can have minor and major. I'm glad for you they've eliminated the biggies.