Friday, January 22, 2010



1: a drawing of something in, out, up, or through by or as if by suction.
2: a strong desire to achieve something high or great.

Funny how the word, aspiration, can mean different things. In my case, it means that the "thing" required numbing the breast and then withdrawing fluid from said thing. Fluid was sent to laboratory for three different tests. First test results would be ready within an hour.

Thing shrunk a little but not entirely. From 3" x 1.5" to about 2.75" x 1". Breast surgeon's (BS) scheduler calls. Oncologist wants BS to see me sooner than later, based upon the culture results. Red flag #1. Oncologist returns phone call - not the nurse. Red flag #2. Oncologist leaves voicemail as I didn't hear the beep of call waiting. Oncologist's voice message says thing looks to be a complex cyst and wants BS to look at thing this week; not at BS's first appointment opening on February 5th. Red flag #3.

Internet, friend or foe, gives 14% chance of malignancy and another site says bloody fluid and minimal decrease in size after aspiration is always malignant. Last night, the Internet was foe.

So, I aspire that today's appointment with breast surgeon (2 pm) will result in my strong desire to achieve nothing. As in, the thing is nothing.

Believe with me, please.


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